Boxing Year in Review-June 2012

Floyd Mayweather kept his unbeaten record, but still took some lumps this year. He entered Clark County Detention Center in Nevada on June 1, to serve an 87-day sentence for a physical altercation with his ex galpal, and mother of his children, in 2010. He seemed relatively nonchalant about the stint going in, telling Dan Rafael: “Can’t nothing break Floyd Mayweather. Whatever hand is dealt to you in life, you’ve got to deal with it. That’s called being a real man. You [media] guys seem to be more worried about it than I am.

But you’ve got to realize that when you dish it out, you have to be able to take it. That’s just life.” Once in, he wasn’t as zen; the fighter’s attorney asked for him to be released immediately because his career could be jeaparadized due to the subpar facilities and treatment inside. The fighter exited on August 3, having served about two-thirds of his sentence. Pal 50 Cent rode shotgun as Floyd drove away from the joint, their union as besties looking as firm as ever.