Year in Boxing Review, January 2012

SnookiThe last Saturday of the first month of the year gave us a dose of that theater of the unexpected, “only in boxing” flavor we crave and appreciate from the savage science, as Team Snooki Boxing did their first show, in Atlantic City.

No, Snooki didn't glove up herself. “I'm not messing up this pretty face,” she said. “Helping out my dad is No. 1. Me and my dad are like best friends. I'm a daddy's girl.” Plenty of room in the pool, we always say. Boxing's low barrier to entry is one of the best and worst things about it. We don't see Snooki (pictured above with Patrick and Paul Hyland) trying on a promotional hat as a sign of the apocalypse, we see it as business as usual in the “you can't make this stuff up” world of the fight racket. —Michael Woods (Follow Woods on Twitter here)

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