Year in Boxing Review, January 2012

But just because that train was stuck in the mud it doesn’t mean the sport didn’t keep on chugging. Main Events got boxing’s toe back in the broadcast pool with their first installment of the series which debuted on the NBC cable channel.

We were introduced to heavyweight Bryant Jennings (pictured above), the 28-year-old Philly fighter who made a serious case for himself as Newcomer of the Year 2012, with wins over Maurice Byarm, Sergei Liakhovich, Steve Collins, Chris Koval, and Bowie Tupou. Could he be the Klitschko Killer, the one to end the reign of superiority enjoyed by Vitali and Wladimir? We resolve to keep watching… —-Michael Woods (Follow Woods on Twitter here)


-Radam G :

Don't count on it. The K-bros/docs got that sorry division on lockdown. I think that they would make Jennings look like a pathetic clown. Holla!