Year in Boxing Review-January 2012

MayweatherSome things changed, many stayed the same, but this year in boxing 2012 delivered enough of the unexpected, and enthralling, and inspirational, and infuriating, and poignant to keep us addicted into the new year and beyond.

January 2012 kicked off in a hopeful vein–makes sense, with that being the time for resolutions, right?–as Floyd Mayweather took to Twitter and raised a flutter of optimism in our foolish hearts that The Fight would be made when he wrote, “Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see…My Jail Sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in. Step up Punk.”

Like most of those resolutions, the walk didn't match the talk, however. Floyd phoned Manny, they chatted, some numbers were discussed and we ended up where we were. Nowheresville.          —Michael Woods (Follow Woods on Twitter here)

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-Radam G :

A zebra cannot change his stripes. Mayweathers will not change their "Fooled-ya-sucka"-pipes. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

Besides mastering the ring he's also mastered the art of talking a lot but saying very little (I always feel foolish after reading a MAyweather interview. Like, this nugga' done fooled me again!:eek:) . If he wasn't such a dumb dumb outside the ring I'd say he'd have a bright future in politics.