Showtime Pleased With Ratings For CBS Show

showtimessportsWord is the crew at Showtime is very pumped at the rating for their Saturday scrap on CBS.

“Sho Boxing” on CBS was the first live boxing on CBS in 15 years and got off to a slightly bumpy start when the lead in, a Butler-Indiana men's hoops game, went into OT. The boxing retained nearly 90% of that audience, and for a rating of 1.3, with a 3 share. The fight was at the top of the heap for weekend sports specials (minus NFL and the hoops) and was on the tube in around 1.5 million households. It was a solid scrap, as Leo Santa Cruz' foe Alberto Guevara put up a stiff challenge to the bantamweight champ, and I daresay we picked up some channelflippers who will seek out pugilism on the tube in the near future. As a guy who likes the concept of the rising tid elifting all ships, I'm pleased to see the experiment do well, which should encourage more Saturday programming on CBS.

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-Radam G :

Roger DAT! The excitement in da game is back. I'm reminded of how back in da days how CBS, NBC and ABC's Wide World of Sports went head to head telecasting the game. The game is back in mainstream. Maybe it is a Jesus's thing. He rose in three days back to mainstream. It's just taken boxing close to 30 years. Hahaha! Holla!

-the Roast :

It was great to see boxing back on network TV! I hope Adamek and Cunningham bring it this weekend so the show more fights on network TV in 2013.