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In a heavyweight tangle, Deontay Wilder (223 1/2; 25-0 entering; from Alabama) clashed with Kelvin Price (240 pounds, 13-0; age 37; from Florida) in the second scrap on the Showtime production, right before the main event at the LA Sports Arena on Saturday night. The two titans were tentative early. Price landed a sharp right in the second. Price ate a right and went down in the third, and he couldn't beat the count. Wilder rushed him, threw a obscuring jab and landed a loooong right to the chin.

Alfredo Angulo engaged in a back and forth rumble with Jorge Silva at the LA Sports Arena. Both men landed hard, clean shots throughout, and the Mexican's experience spoke as he got a second or third wind around round eight. Angulo punished the kid to the body, and ate vicious hooks in round ten. This was a rock solid scrap. Angulo got the W by scores of 97-93, across the board, and that call drew some boos from the crowd. The 30 year old Angulo went 292-806 228-682 for Silva, age 20.

Paul Malignaggi of Showtime said he thinks Angulo likely needs some more rounds before he tries for a title.

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