Check Out This Grantland Short Film on Peter Quillin

Grantland’s THE BRINK: Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillinis an inside look at one of boxing’s most promising and charismatic figures. Our cameras follow Quillin, who overcame dire poverty as a child to become the undefeated #1 middleweight contender, on the most important night of his life: his first world title shot, at the Barclays Center in his adopted hometown of Brooklyn.

This is the first in director Jason Hehir’s short film series for Grantland chronicling the moment when a rising athlete/artist breaks through onto the big stage.


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-deepwater :

he beat up a friend of mine in sparring at trinity last year and kept saying he was from detroit blah blah blah. detroit or ny?

-Carmine Cas :

My trainer used to train at Trinity, he hurt quillin when they were sparring lol