One Last Time, It Was “Macho Time”

Hector Camacho Jr. pays respects to his father, Hector Sr, in Harlem on Friday. (photo courtesy of Teddy Blackburn)

Thousands of friends and admirers of Hector “Macho” Camacho, the ultra talented and flamboyant pugilist who showed equal portions of ring, sartorial and salesmanship skills in his pro ring career, which spanned 1980-2010, flooded St. Cecilia’s Church in East Harlem on Friday…on one last occasion, it was Macho Time.

A wake was held for the athletic pride of Spanish Harlem in the 80s, who was shot on Tuesday, and died last Saturday after fighting, with appropriate grit, the damage caused by the bullet.


-brownsugar :

Wow... sounds like a royal sendoff of the Macho Man.

-Radam G :

Wow! I was finally piping down. But my late, great friend I cannot let any haters clown. De mortuis nil nisi bonum, they heed not. "MACHO TIME forever, BABEEE! Holla!

-deepwater :

macho was a legend in nyc even as an amatuer. I heard a story about camachos crew meeting up against durans crew in nyc by accident and a street fight almost broke out. gleasons would be jam packed everytime he came to train there.

-the Roast :

I heard there were two women both claiming to be Macho's longtime girlfriend. A scuffle broke out and Hectors two sisters got involved. I bet Hector was looking down laughing. I also heard Macho was one of the all time greats with the ladies. R.I.P. Macho Time!