Cotto 153.6, Trout 154 On the Dot

We are a go…Cotto and Trout made weight. (Tom Casino)

Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout both made weight this afternoon in NYC, the day before their Saturday clash at Madison Square Garden. WBA champ Trout was initially a shade over 154, but dropped his drawers, got back on the scale, and made the junior middle limit.

They did a staredown and then Cotto chatted with Steve Farhood. He said that Trout should expect to be in the fight of his life, because he’ll be in with the best fighter he’s been in with. Trout said he is looking forward to making the Cotto fans at MSG his fans by the end of the night.

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-Radam G :

WOW! It was a mind GAME! Dude had the weight made before he got on the scale. Don't be fooled by psy-ops. Take my word for it or not, Trout had mini-weight objects in his drawers's lining for the effect of appearing overweight. "Play it, SAM!" Not the movie "Casablanca" Sam, but the boksing one. Old Sammy [boy] Watson is singing a song about how the fish -- I mean Trout -- is going to TKO Cotto. I would be shock! Because I sincerely believe that MC has this bout on LOCK! To break, Trout is an easy salt-water rock! Dude's boat ain't even gonna get off da dock. Holla!

-Radam G :

WOW! The more that I think about it, NO jive-turkey WAY that Trout had on drawers that weighted over a pound. Unless that he was so afraid of MC that he p!$$ed his drawers for a pound. Fool a New-Jack FOOL! Not the peeps of old school! Holla!