Keith Thurman Beats Up Carlos Quintana

HBOmage001Keith Thurman met spoiler Carlos Quintana in the TV opener on HBO, and probably messed up Quintana's rep as a spolier, because Thurman laid his heavy hands on the vet, and worked him over, achieving a stoppage in the fourth. Thurman scored a knockdown in the first, and at 2:19, the winner piled up combos upon a buzzed and increasingly discombobulated loser in round four of the junior middleweight tussle.

Thurman went 57-170, to 20-134 for the veteran.

After the fight, Thurman gave himself a B+ to A-. “I'm calling out the world of boxing!” he said. Call Al Haymon, guys at 147 to 154, and get some. Jim Lampley called Thurman a “rising star.” Certainly someone I want to see more of. Who should he fight next, friends?

The 24-0 Floridian Thurman, age 24, last fought in July. He won a TKO6 over Orlando Lora. The 29-3 Puerto Rican won a TKO6 over Deandre Latimore in Vegas in his last scrap. He held the WBO welter title in 2008, with a win over then champ Paul Williams.

?Thurman stalked the 36 year-old lefty hard to start. A body shot put Quintana down at nine in the first. The left to the liver was nasty.

In the second, Thurman kept on stalking but not stupidly. He respected Quintana's countering ability. In the third, trainer Dan Birmingham, miked in his corner, told Thurman to punch straight. The Q corner told their man to touch Thurman, anywhere. He was hurt in the fourth, bigtime. The ref hopped in, and saved Q from really getting smashed to smithereens. Thurman impressed on this night, and I'm keen on seeing what he'll do next.

Adrien Broner said in a chat with Max Kellerman since his win last week, he's had to change his number more than a hood drug dealer. He has a tune out on YouTube, he told Max. He said you can throw him into the jungle with gloves on and he'd come out with a crocodile belt and a mink on. Next? He said he's so high, the clouds are underneath him. He said he'd like Pacquiao. Max mentioned him and Floyd.

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Check back for David Avila's ringside report.

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-deepwater :

carlos was shot b4 he got in the ring. thurman looks very limited and very old and set in his ways he is only 24/25 I think so maybe he can learn to box. guererro can beat broner then fight mayweather

-Radam G :

Thurman will be a hard-hitting, co?k-a-hoop hype until he catches a live soul and is gut-and-chin checked. Wow! In this age of know and show, dude is very much as Deepwater said: "Very LIMITED," and slow. And for someone with his lacked of knowhow, he holds his hands a bit too low. Holla!

-brownsugar :

"Appriciate everybodies comments... variety is the spice of life... they say... they also say one mans garbage is another mans' treasure. To me Thurman most closely resembles Golovkin... very practical... very economical and practically equip in all area's to do the job. Quintana is one of the most elusive, craftiest boxers in the game.... He's no lion,.. but he'll hang around and harrass his opponent, frustrate him and then pick him apart in suprising fashion. The only thing with Quintana is consitancy... he gets bombed out by Cotto,.. then gives his Williams a sound thrashing when the boxing world thought he was done... he schooled Joel Julio and destroyed one of Mayweathers boys in his last outing. I thought he would be too much for Thurman,... but Thurman has a mindset to bring fights to an inevitable conclusion. There's a reason nobody in his own weightclass (147) will fight Thurman... He uses his legs in conjuction with his hands as well as any fighter I've seen recently...he's patient and effective.......he also has a way of pressing the fight without running into a ton of punches. (similar to GGG)... all the while landing heavyhanded punches that look casual to the observer... I'd bet on Thurman to destroy any of the current welterweights today(Berto and Guerrero included, and neither Pac or Floyd will go anywhere near him)... I doubt he gets the opportunity to prove himself the way top boxers run from talent these days claiming there's no money instead of admitting their fears. I think GGG is a better fighter...because of his vast international expericience... but Thurman isn't all that far behind in the "awesomeness" category.. Will enjoy hearing the comments of his detractors... a year from now. Thurman is getting ready to take over. "

-Radam G :

Wow! I predict that in 2013 that the 3g hype and Thurman kiss da baby -- better known as the canvas. We'll see. Holla!

-deepwater :

thurman has nothing in common with ggg except being white. ggg has style and some skills, thurman just comes forward like a frankenstein /margocheato. carlos q was not the same carlos that fought paul wiliams