Geale Vows To Regain WBA Title, Gives Shoutout to Shaw

GaryShawProductionsNovember 1, 2012 – After being stripped by the WBA for taking the Anthony Mundine fight, Australian middleweight champion, Daniel “Real Deal” Geale (28-1, 25 KOs) reflects on the decision made by the sanctioning organization.

“Whilst I enjoyed unifying titles and being crowned the WBA super champion it has become ultimately clear to me that it is impossible to keep all the belts,” said Daniel Geale. “I am aware of my mandatory obligations, however I felt that the challenge from Anthony Mundine was an opportunity to settle the score once and for all, and I want to thank the IBF for granting me the exception that creates a fight which will please all Australian boxing fans.

“As I proudly remain the I.B.F. World champion, I wish the WBA and whoever they crown the same short lived pleasure as I will be coming to reclaim what is rightfully mine.”

November 2, 2012 – Upon hearing the news about hurricane Sandy and the destruction it caused to his international promoter Gary Shaw, middleweight champion Daniel “Real Deal” Geal (28-1, 15 KOs), sends his blessing to Team GSP and everyone else who is dealing with the aftermath.

Promoter Gary Shaw, like many in the ravaged New Jersey area, is left without power, electricity and gas for his automobile. Hurricane Sandy is by far the most destructive storm to hit the Northeast in recent years and many people are suffering.

“When I saw that hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the New Jersey coastline, I immediately thought of my promoter Gary Shaw,” said Geale. “My team finally got in contact with Gary and told me he is ok and that brought me great comfort. I send my prayers to everyone that is suffering from the after effects of hurricane Sandy and I hope they have a speedy recovery in putting everything back together.”

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-BFF :

common man, Geale aint foolin anybody. he is scared like all the other middle weight pretenders....