Quillin Takes WBO Title From N'dam

showtimessportsPeter Quillin scored two knockdowns in round four, six and 12, and made off with Hassan N'Dam's WBO middleweight title at the Barclays center on Saturday. Quillin said N'dam is great fighter, and said he was happy to do it in Brooklyn, and in front of Mike Tyson.

The left hook, in tight, couldn't miss for Quillin from about the third round on. Then N'dam tightened his guard some, and darned if he wasn't having some success far after periods where ref Eddie Claudio could have pulled the plug. Quillin went 135-402, to 147-451 on the night. Quillin's power shots simply had more hot sauce on them than did the man who lives in France. The stock of both men actually rose on this evening.

“Brooklyn was behind me tonight,” Quillin said. N'dam said after he wanted a rematch, and said he has a rematch clause in his contract.