Multiple Reports: Erik Morales Tests Positive Ahead of Saturday Fight

015 Morales IMG 6706Morales chats with media on Wednesday. (Tom Casino)

Erik Morales, slated to fight in the main event against Danny Garcia Saturday night in the Barclays Center, tested positive for a banned substance, according to multiple reports on websites this late afternoon/ evening. Rick Reeno of Tweeted that Richard Schaefer confirmed to him that Morales tested positive for an as yet unnamed susbstance. The “Morales tests positive” story first appeared on, citing unnamed sources. then followed up, and then came the Schaefer confirmation.

The Garcia-Morales fight is still on according to Reeno. Morales, age 36, didn't make weight when he fought and lost to Garcia in March. Garcia holds two 140 pound titles at this time.

I put calls in to a Golden Boy spokesman and the New York State Athletic Commission, so as of yet haven't confirmed myself that the Mexican legend came up positive.

Note: I spoke to Angel Garcia, Danny Garcia's father/trainer, twice this week. And both times he cast aspersions on Morales, and said outright that he'd like to see the scars from the gallbladder surgery Morales said he had three months before the March meeting, or he'd not believe the surgery story.

Now, we must let this play out, see what the sample showed, see what the “B” or second sample shows, before we speculate excessively, in my opinion. But wow, this is quite the string of misfortune for the Golden Boy team. The Lamont Peterson-Amir Khan sequel was scrapped because of a Peterson positive, then the Andre Berto-Victor Ortiz rematch was scuttled because Berto tested positive, and now this. Luckily, if the plug is pulled on the Morales-Garcia fight, there are enough fights on the Barclays card to pick up the slack…

UPDATE: ESPN's Dan Rafael reports that one source told him that Morales' “A” sample showed evidence of clenbuterol, which can be used for weight loss.

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-ali :

Wow hopefully it ain't true

-ultimoshogun :

Dan Rafael sheds some light on the situation.

-the Roast :

Say it aint so Erik.

-Radam G :

Of course it is true, pero false positive. That testing jive is very faulty because of a belief that every pugilist is doing that dumb-@$$ New Jack way of eating and taking supplements that are full of processed nutrition made by junk scientists. These powers that be are messing with the brown fighters now, because Berto, Tarver and Peterson got caught dirty as Dirty Harris and10 @$$es dat he shot. Holla!

-Radam G :

Wow! How things have changed. If you were brown, you could stick around. If you were black, you had to jump back. Now if you are brown, you are treated and laughed at like you're a clown. But if you are black -- Berto and Peterson -- you can be caught dirty with steroids and get no flak. Huh! I'm just spittin! Hey, YALL! Can you believe that Flavor Flav got his @$$ arrested in Sin city just before Pops Joy May's 60th B-Day tomorrow. Danggit! Now who is gonna take the clock-wearing FF some cake? Hehe! Holla!

-CJ4rethgif :

Can't be as bad as this:

-deepwater :

it was for clenbuterol. it isnt really a steroid but it can help with cutting weight . alot of that stuff is in mexican meat and food. I think nothing will come of this but if he beats garcia like I wanted then the win will be tainted. best to wait until all results and samples are in before they cause hysteria before the fight.