Provodnikov Wants Tim Bradley Fight

TSS LOGOPHILADELPHIA, PA (October 1, 2012)—WBO Number-two ranked Jr. Welterweight contender Ruslan Provodnikov would like an opportunity at WBO Welterweight champion Timothy Bradley in December.

There have been rumblings of a possible matchup for Provodnikov, 22-1 with fifteen knockouts, of facing Bradley and he and his team feel the time is now for the potential big fight.

The native of Beryozovo, Russia is one of the most exciting fighters in the world and he feels that not only is he ready but will bring the best out of Bradley.

“I am ready for this type of fight,” said Provodnikov.

“I would be grateful for the opportunity and I have trained my whole life for this. Bradley is a great fighter but not only do I know I can win but I will bring the best out of him and our fight will be one to remember.”

“We feel that Ruslan is ready for this fight and he will beat Bradley,” said Provodnikov’s promoter Artie Pelullo of Banner Promotions.

“Based on all the feedback we get after Ruslan’s fights, he is one of if not the most television friendly fighter out there and a fight with Bradley would be a great fight for the fans.”

Provodnikov has won five straight bouts which includes his last outing when he stopped Jose Reynoso (16-3-1) on June 29th.

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-Radam G :

Tim Bradley is due to be crooked out of a title that he got by crook. Holla!

-Radam G :

Trust me! The powerful cheaters that be are going to get his arse. The big-headed, big-footed dude is going to be fighting on egg shells. Can a bambi run on egg shells and still jive up his feet? A GIFT decision for the Cali Cranium Crusher is not a black-gold guster, but a career buster. You heard it first here. Tim Bradley has IO on his muscle-bound chest for "It's Over!" Holla!

-deepwater :

bradley should of gave the belt right back to pac man and asked for a rematch. he mighta got it. no one pays to see bradley. he doenst put seats in the arena. amatuer boxing= sport. pro boxing =sports entertainment. bradley does not entertain enough to put butts in seats. maybe some russian with the right money behind him will clip him and goodbye timmy.

-brownsugar :

True...Tim is not a PPV attraction. His greatest appeal is whether or not he can win. Since he lost to Pac....the thrill is gone... Had Bradley owned up to his sup par performance against Pac and publically admitted that there was a discrepancy in the scoring.... his popularity would have went viral.. As a result Bradley is left clinging to a hollow victory and now has to work twice as hard for less reward in order to win back his respect and credibility. Ironically It would have been better for Bradley had he lost that night. One way he can get that credibility back is by accepting the challenge from the tough, fan-friendly hard hitting Rusky and beating him all the way back to the well chilled depths of Siberia (easier said than done). Provodnikov brings the excitement...Bradley brings the determination. I'd pay to see the carnage but I can see Bradley using the "What does he bring to the table?"logic that seems to have stifled the best match ups in boxing.n