Questions on Boxing’s Biggest Weekend: Stern Nonsense from a Boxing Outsider

Chavez Jr Martinez Final PC 120912 011aWill Junior win and be a PPV beast? Will a Martinez win get him the respect he deserves? Can Josesito pull off the improbable, again? Stern offers questions, you readers need to hi the Forum to provide answers. (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

With the biggest weekend of the boxing year upon us and with the major players of the industry converging on Las Vegas, many of the sports most pressing questions, and some not so pressing ones, will be answered.

Over thirty two thousand fans may be attending two cards this weekend. Fans are obviously hungry for a new superstar in boxing. Will Sergio Martinez and more importantly Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr. or Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez be spectacular enough to fill that role? The Mayweather and Pacquiao mantle is there for the taking. Who is going to grab it?

Will Junior enter the ring a Texas sized middleweight, rehydrating himself to gargantuan proportions, or will he be stick figure version of his prior self? If he is the later, why?

Has any Manny Pacquiao fight been met with this much indifference? Is his magic hold on the boxing public fading as quickly as his interest in the sport?

In fifteen years will Manny be fighting a sumo wrestler and a Shaolin monk on the same night in Cebu City?

How can Daniel Ponce De Leon versus Jhonny Gonzalez fail to deliver? How? How? Answer me.

If the Corona girls and Tecate girls switched identities in a Freaky Friday type incident, how long will it take, if ever, for anyone to notice?

If Josesito Lopez goes Buster Douglas on Canelo Alvarez, is he not the fighter and the story of the year?

Will Max Kellerman break into the MGM and wrestle the mike away from Al Bernstein because of his irresistible desire to lecture the public about Canelo Alvarez’s power?

How many more weekends will Guillermo Rigondeaux’s talents go wasted?

Will Marcos Maidana regain his wrecking machine form, setting up an Argentinean apocalypse against Lucas Matthysse?

Can Chavez’s chin handle punches he does not see, thrown from angles he never imagined?

Does anyone in boxing come up with better 12 round fight plans than Sergio Martinez and the Sarmiento brothers?

Can Chavez cut off the ring?

Has Martinez really shown signs of aging? I thought his legs looked great against Macklin, but what do I know?

If you woke up and found your Dad in your living room telling you how to do your job while you eat your Honey Nut Cheerios in front of a T.V. crew, how would you maintain your dignity?

Junior is a huge ratings draw. If he wins, he becomes a PPV franchise. Bob Arum is rolling the dice at the right time. But, how much does Junior need to show in a loss to keep his fan base?

How much of a hit will the Martinez-Chavez PPV revenues take from the Golden Boy show?

Will Golden Boy’s arm race with Top Rank cause Golden Boy to implode like the Soviet Union?

Will Samspon Lewkowicz and Fernando Beltran finally settle their differences in an epic dance off in Club XS as promised?

Fifty Cent. Is he Al Haymon’s Trojan horse planted in Manny’s camp in a devious effort to get The Fight done? Is he the ultimate mark, a man worth a hundred million dollars, in a sport run by wolves?

How could 24/7 not capture Julio Caesar Chavez, Sr.’s deadpan sense of humor?

Will a Sergio Martinez win finally gain him mainstream acceptance as one of boxing’s greats?

If Junior walks down Sergio Martinez, takes his best punches, and smiles as he destroys him will anyone remember 24/7’s portrayal of him?

How much credit does Freddie Roach get for a win or for a loss?

If you are not excited about this weekend, how can you can yourself a fan of boxing?

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-ultimoshogun :

A whole lotta drama's about to go down saturday night! I picked up some bourbon (Buffalo Trace) i've never had before for fight night, supposed to be good stuff, we'll see.

-deepwater :

cool. i have my dogfish head 90 min ready to go. great weekend of boxing!

-ultimoshogun :

Been meaning to try some dogfish head too, for some reason it never pops in my head whenever I decide to buy something other than my usual miller lite.