Weigh In HERE If You Think Chavez Beats Martinez

Chavez Jr arrival 120911 001aSept 11, 2012, Las Vegas,Nevada — “CHAVEZ JR. LAS VEGAS GRAND ARRIVAL” — Undefeated WBC Middleweight Champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (R) makes his Las Vegas Grand Arrival with trainer Freddie Roach (L) at the Wynn Las Vegas, Tuesday for his upcoming Mexican Independence Day Middleweight championship battle against two-division world champion Sergio Martinez. Promoted by Top Rank, Zanfer Promotions and DiBella Entertainment, in association with Wynn Las Vegas, At&T and Tecate, Chavez Jr. vs Martinez will take place Saturday, September 15 at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, live on HBO Pay Per View. —- Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank

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-deepwater :

weighing in at 175 lbs with a growler filled with dogfishead beer is deepwater picking chavez.( even though jr blows off training with roach and has his dad smoke cigarettes while throwing punches at him, I will never bet against the son of the greatest mexican boxer on mexican independence day) plus sergio wont go forward so no judge in front of that crowd will give sergio the win even if he hits him with 100 punches a round.

-Radam G :

WOW! Holla!

-ultimoshogun :

I'm pushing my chips to the center of the table and goin all in on Jr. If he's able to absorb Maravilla's first few bombs (I think he can), it spells doom for Sergio. Look for Jr. to put on the full court press and begin to catch Maravilla along the ropes in the later rounds busting his body up... Jr. wins the last few rounds convicingly, perhaps even by stoppage and proves he's a contender, not a pretender.

-the Roast :

The kid is in over his head unless the fix is in. Whup that azz Sergio. Nobody likes a rich kid who has every thing handed to him on a silver platter. Best win over Andy Lee, big f***ing deal.

-Radam G :

There is no fix in, the Roast. The SOAL JCCJ needs a silver spoon to go with that silver platter. [What in da double fudge does he do without a spoon? Eat Pinoy style like a Filipino! He's a Mexican warrior. And they need ] He will the fight by beating da holy hebejeebees outta Sergio Martinez on Saturday night. . Holla!