Vitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek Get Wins

kmgVitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek finished off their challengers on Saturday, with Klitschko having the easier time of the two vets, as he had little to no problem with overmatched challenger Manuel Charr.

Klitschko tried to lure a hesitant Charr, a Lebanese mega-underdog who looked better during the final staredown at the last presser than he did in the ring in Moscow, into engaging. He wasn't all that eager to comply. In round two, Charr got sent to the mat, off a right. He ate shots in the third and watchers over all weren't crushed when a cut on Charr's right eye made the ref pull the plug, with about a minute left.

Charr threw a fit, maintaining that he wanted to continue but it was hard to see what could've changed.

Word is Vitali might hang up the gloves, to concentrate on politics in the Ukraine. I'm guessing he doesn't want to go out off such a weak challenge, and my gut tells me he'd like to punish David Haye for his mouthiness the last couple years, but that he'd like to have Haye thinking he has no interest in seeking to shut the Brit's mouth, to maximize his bargaining leverage.

I can say I have no desire to see Tomasz Adamek, who won in Newark, NJ this afternoon, have another try at Vitali. Adamek hit the deck at the Pru on the Main Events card in the second round against Texas-based Travis Walker, and then returned the favor, dropping Walker at the end of the round. In round five, Adamek, the ex light heavy and cruiser champ, hurt Walker, and tossed about 25 punches, unanswered, before referee Eddie Cotton stepped in to end the scrap. The official time was 1:08 of the fifth.

Steve Cunningham, the ex cruiser champ out of Philly, had no problem in his heavyweight debut. He won by scores of 100-90, 100-90, 99-91 over Jason Gavern.

An Adamek-Cunningham scrap in the Pru, after Cunningham builds up his fanbase in NJ a bit more, makes infinite sense.

Bryant Jennings blasted out Ohioan Chris Koval 35 seconds in round one of their heavyweight clash at the Pru. Koval, a sub journeyman, hoped to get a boost in honor of his dad, who died in a car crash a week ago in Youngstwon, Ohio, but it was not to be.

Course, many of us will be waiting with breath baited until we learn how 46 year-old Bert Cooper, the ex heavyweight contender, does in his scrap against Carl Davis in Indiana tonight. After eight years off, he came back in 2010, and has gone 2-2.

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-Radam G :

Is ANYBODY surprised? Doc Vitali K and Adamek FOUGHT marshmallows. Oh, YUP! I musta fo'got! USS Cunningham fought a tomato can, and didn't get him out of there. Maybe USS C-humbug -- I mean Cunningham -- should cruise back down to the pseudo-division of cruiserweight. Or maybe he will catch a tornado and fly to the Land of Oz and ask the great and powerful wiz for a __ __ ___ ___ and ____ __ _! The heavies are pathetic! Holla!