Martinez Reiterates Promise To KO Chavez Jr.

Chavez Jr Martinez LV PC 120711 014aMartinez insists he's not taking this fight personally, but those around him say he's preparing like never before. (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Sergio Martinez on a conference call Wednesday to hype the Sept. 15 clash with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Las Vegas between middleweight standouts reiterated his desire to knock out the son of the legend, and said he didn't intend to leave it to the judges to decide the contest.

Martinez said he has worked very hard for the last two months and that on Sept. 15, the belt, now around Junior's waist, will be with its rightful holder.

The vet was asked if he was taking this PPV fight personally, as it seems. He said that it is not personal, that he wants that belt from Junior.

Martinez said that Junior will get knocked out, even if he is prepared as well as he can be. Does the kid have any notable deficiencies? He just knows he is better than the son of the legend. He said that the kid doesn't deserve to be a champ, that he got the opp because his father is who he is. “His mouth is bigger than his brain, he's talking too much,” the boxer said, thru translator Sampson Lewkowicz.

Lewkowicz said he's never seen Martinez so focused.

Martinez promoter Lou DiBella said the fighters have been raised differently. Junior was raised with a silver spoon in mouth, and had a title shot handed to him, while Martinez grew up in a nasty ghetto, shoeless, fighting early on for peanuts, he said. It's the “rich kid” versus the “guy who's had to work his ass off,” DiBella said.

Martinez said he has the speed and power to KO Junior, and that he will “not wait on the judges.”

Is he not worried, with his hands down fighting style, that Junior will tag him? No, Martinez said, he has fought this way all his career, he will not stop now. DiBella said that still makes him nervous.

DiBella said that we are seeing a run of the best fighting the best because the public has demanded it and people are working together. This occurs when all are playing on an even playing field, he said.

DiBella, before press queries started, said that tickets were nearing sellout. He said that trainer Pablo Sarmiento and advisor Lewkowicz were on the call. Sarmiento said that Martinez has been working hard and will be victorious. Lewkowicz said that contrary to some popular belief, working with Bob Arum of Top Rank hasn't been a chore. DiBella called Sergio the best middleweight in the world and no worse than the third-best boxers in the world.

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-riverside :

why is Sergio so Butthurt? i hope he doesn't abandoned his game plan an his emotions take over in the ring, just like Khan in his last fight! he should be mad at DiBella and Lewkowics, or the WBC Not Chavez junior! Junior hasn't done anything wrong. Junior had no amateur career, how is he supposed to start? slow and carefully matching him, i hope Sergio goes focused into the fight, we all know what happen to Khan.

-deepwater :

sergio sounds like an emotional bully who might have overtrained his old body. sweet lou dibella is at it again , he sure sounds like a certain politician from chicago trying to make emotional rhetoric about poor vs rich, the haves vs the have nots, the people in the club and the people out of it. just remember sweet lou has millions in his pocket talking about silver spoons. lol lol lol. even if sergio lands more punches by 3-1 margin if he goes side to side the whole time he will get no love from the judges.

-deepwater :

oh on another note, watching 24/7, lil chavez sure knows how to make sergio emotional. something about sergio has no home and no love and no girl. argentians hate him, spaniards hate him, he has no country and no girl. lmao. no wonder sergio is emo. its all gamesmanship and chavez is winning it so far.

-ultimoshogun :

Like riverside mentioned, i'm thinking Maravilla's emotions will get the best of him come fight night and leave himself in harms way. Junior may get a stoppage win if Sergio stays in the pocket more than usual allowing Jr. to bust up his body.

-riverside :

Like riverside mentioned, i'm thinking Maravilla's emotions will get the best of him come fight night and leave himself in harms way. Junior may get a stoppage win if Sergio stays in the pocket more than usual allowing Jr. to bust up his body.
ultimo, Sergio seems more concerned on what junior has done and not done, Junior being the son Mexico's best boxer will always be criticized and mexico has had lots of great champions! Sergio is less concerned about what issues past victims have brought up, once's they get defeated, size of the ring, extra weight, too big, too strong and an a deceiving improving fighter! Maravilla seems or pretends not to worry about those issues, I see Junior as a level above Macklin and Barker and those guy where in the fight for a while. Pavlik just wasn't ready, chased him around gave Sergio all the space he wanted. Team junior must of watch numerous times Pavlik/martinez's and don't

-the Roast :

I think Sergio is just talking ****. When the bell rings, he will fight smart, do what he has always done, box and move. A leopard may run it's mouth, but it does not change it's spots. Jr is in over his head. Beating Andy Lee will not prepare him for a fighter in Martinez class. Jr drops a UD, says he cant make middle anymore and moves on up.

-Radam G :

SM is a dead man walking. He's hallucinating because he's spotted the grim reaper of defeat shadowing him. Besides, the long-da-tooth muthasucka's arthritic jawbone is acting up. Hehehe! He is gonna think that SOAL JCCJ tagged him in da mugface with bones of a jack@ss in Junior Time's glove. Hahaha! Holla!