Jonathan Gonzalez joined the Scale Fail Club, when he weighed in Friday for his fight versus Sergiy Dzinziruk at 163 pounds, well over the contracted 154 pound limit for their opening tussle on Saturday's HBO Boxing After Darl Show at the Turning Stone in Verona, NY. The two teams decided if at 8 AM Gonzalez was 167 pounds or less, the fight could proceed. Behind closed doors, he was 165 pounds. HBO's Max Kellerman spoke to the Puerto Rican prospect, and asked him how he missed weight so badly. The boxer blamed the “travel” for making weight; he was to make $125,000, but he had to give up $60,000 as a penalty.

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-the Roast :

The fight was a snoozer. If I never see Jonathon Gonzalez or Sergiy Dzinziruk again thats fine with me.