Keith Thurman Stops Orlando Lora on HBO

hbo-ipad-serviceWelterweight Keith Thurman started off the HBO show with a TKO win over Orlando Lora at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio Saturday night. He sent him down in the sixth, and the loser arose, but walked to his corner, and made clear he wanted no more punishment from a hard, young hitter.

Here is my mouthguard coach, that's it for me.

The 23 year-old Floridian went to 18-0, with 17 KOs, with a check hook, a hook as he backed up, and a straight right hand follow. The loser, from Mexico, dropped to 29-3.

Lora, you might recall, lost a UD10 in his last stepup fight, to Paul Malignaggi. The time was 1:37 of the sixth.

The victor went 124-376, to 45-351 for Lora.

Max Kellerman talked to Thurman after. He lauded his composure and asked where that came from. He said he had 16 years in the game, and he always looks for the stoppage. “We got the kayo victory like we wanted,” he said. The winner said Lora showed him more than he thought he had, so he went to the body, looking to break Lora down. He called out Malignaggi, Tim Bradley and Floyd Mayweather.