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GoldenboyGary Russell Jr.'s bout went as expected, with the prospect nearing contender status getting the best of Christopher Perez in the second bout of a special Showtime “ShoBox” broadcast. Three knockdowns in the third after one in the second was all Pat Russell had to see in Indio, CA. The end came at 1:41, via KO, for the undefeated hitter with blazing hands who goes to 20-0 with 12 KOs.

The lefty Russell ate a right counter in the first which told him that Perez wasn't there to lay down. Perez entered with 150 amateur bouts under his belt, and looked relaxed as he tried to impose a height edge on the favored fighter. Perez went down in the second, off a four punch combo, and was up with 47 seconds to go, though. A left knocked him through the ropes to start the third, and no one thought this would go into later rounds. A right to the body and left to the head did more damage, and then down he went again. The ref said one more and no more. To the mat again he went, off a combo featuring more speed than pinpoint accuracy, and the ref, true to his word, pulled the plug.

Russell went 43-100 to 17-93 for the loser.

Hey, who should 126 pound perhaps-future-star Russell be in with next? Time for a heavy step up you think?

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