Ontario's Arellano Beats Beranza, Reyes & Reyes Win Too

Thompson Boxing Promotions LONTARIO-After a fast start Jonathan Arellano found Mexico's Jose Angel Beranza fast on his heels but managed to win a unanimous decision after eight rounds of a junior featherweight bout on Friday.

Local fighters Reyes, Reyes and Arellano were all victorious at the Doubletree Hotel on the Thompson Boxing Promotions fight card. Arellano was the main event.

The speedy Ontario boxer Arellano (13-0-1, 3 KOs) was the much quicker fighter but Beranza (35-24-2, 27 KOs) was an experienced prizefighter who had fought numerous world champions. He also has the only win over Puerto Rico's Jesus Rojas. He came to fight.

Arellano was in control for the first several rounds using his speed and defense to get out of trouble. Around round four Beranza began concentrating to Arellano's body and though the blows weren't powerful they were scoring. Later in the fight, Beranza used a nuisance type of jab to keep Arellano from teeing off. It was effective but not enough. The judges scored it 77-75, 80-72 and 79-73 for Arellano.

Reyes & Reyes Win

San Bernardino's Artemio Reyes (16-2, 11 KOs) powered through the granite chin of Enrique Gutierrez (10-5, 8 KOs) to win by unanimous decision in an eight round welterweight bout. It was a bloody affair as Gutierrez apparently suffered a broken nose and bled half way through the fight. Though Reyes won every round and seemed to hit the Northern Californian with every punch in the book, Gutierrez had his moments and definitely could take a punch. During the last three rounds a blood mask was plastered on Gutierrez's face but it never slowed him down. Reyes was simply sharper. All three judges scored it 80-72 for Reyes.

Riverside's Juan Reyes (6-1-1) turned on the engine and never stopped in beating Maywood's Oscar Venegas in a six round junior featherweight match. Venegas had his moments but couldn't keep his distance and allowed Reyes to work inside almost at will. The scores were 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56 for Reyes.


A battle between East L.A. boxers ended with a knockout win for southpaw Aalan Martinez (11-1-1, 7 KOs) over Ramon Valadez (11-2, 6 KOs) at 1:09 of round seven. Valadez seemed to be in control for most of the fight with some nice combinations to the body and head. But a seven-punch combination including a left uppercut by the slightly taller Martinez caught Valadez and sent the talented fighter down. He beat the count but was ruled unable to fight by referee David Mendoza.


Japan's Takashi Okada (5-0-1) dropped Nevada's Oscar Vasquez (2-1) with a right hand in the first round and cruised to a six round victory by unanimous decision. Okada has a slick counter punch technique and the ability to roll with punches. Vasquez had his best moments when he cornered Okada on the ropes, but the Japanese flyweight quickly remedied that and used right hands and uppercuts to keep the momentum. The scores were 60-53 and 58-55 twice for Okada.

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