Showbiz Legend Jerry Lewis Talks Boxing, And Only Boxing


For the first time he does an interview exclusively about The Sweet Science

In a long form Special Boxing Channel presentation Comedy legend Jerry Lewis reveals his long history with the sport, his friendships with champions like Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali, and his keen interest in today's boxers and the future of the sport.

In an interview with Hall of Fame Broadcaster Al Bernstein the 85 year old comic star shows his affection and respect for the many champion boxers he has known. He also shows his deep insights into the sport by explaining what made these men special. Any interview with Jerry Lewis include laughs, and there are some of those here as well. Boxers and matches from the 1940's all the way to the most recent super fights all get attention from Jerry.

This is most likely the only chance we will all have to see Jerry Lewis talk boxing, and only boxing, in an interview. To see this one of a kind feature go to the Boxing Channel.

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deepwater :

rather have jerry lewis as a judge then ford.

Radam G :

Hehehehehe! There goes Deepwater taking 'em into deep waters and drowning 'em. Haha! Holla!