Merchant Talks Pacquiao-Bradley

HBOmage001Before the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr-Andy Lee scrap kicked off in El Paso, Texas, Larry Merchant touched on last week’s Pacquiao-Bradley decision. “Pacquiao landed more and harder punches,” the analyst said, before cracking that Pacquiao’s decision to dump his vices probably angered the Gods…of Las Vegas. Merchant also said that the decision wouldn't kill boxing, that boxing is unto itself. “Born with a black eye and sometimes disposed to blacken its other eye,” he said of the savage science, then noting that the Texas card almost didn't occur because some knuckleheads thought that drug gangs would invade the event. Thus, no beer was sold at the venue.

Jim Lampley didn’t waste much time on history. He noted that analyst Roy Jones scored the fight for Pacman, as well.

Lampley shared that Chavez wasn't able to provide a pre-fight urine sample, and thus the commission would have to get one afterwards. He made Lee wait, as Pacman did Bradley last week.