Chambers, Adamek Confident Ahead of Clash

The final press conference for Saturday’s Heavyweight clash between Tomasz “Goral” Adamek and “Fast” Eddie Chambers was held yesterday at The Loft Bistro Restaurant in Newark.

In attendance were the principal fighters, Main Events’ Kathy Duva and staff, Aaron Davis, Commissioner for the New Jersey State Athletic Commission, and Gary Quinn senior executive for NBC Sports Network, which will televise the card as the third installment of its new Fight Night series.

Duva spoke glowingly of the ongoing and successful relationship between Main Events and Adamek, who will be returning as a headliner to the Prudential Center. NBC’s Gary Quinn remarked about the promising success of Fight Night and the network’s plans to continue with the series through 2014. Aaron Davis, in reference to last week’s Pacquio/Bradley judging fiasco, spoke about the focus of the NJSAC to provide only the most qualified judges for this fight card and all future shows.

When the microphone made its way to the fighters, all the principals assured the media and fans in attendance of their readiness for Saturday night. Humble Steve Collins of Houston , who will face Bryant “By-By” Jennings in the heavyweight co-feature, expressed his basic appreciation for the opportunity.

Philly’s Jennings spoke of continuing to build on the momentum and exposure he has received ever since he filled in for the injured Chambers on the first Fight Night broadcast and wowed everyone with an explosive performance.

The combatants in the main event each prepared for the 12 round contest in a specific way. “Fast” Eddie Chambers traveled to Detroit’s famed Kronk gym for six weeks of intensive sparring and training. One of the many legends surrounding the fabled Kronk is that the fighting that takes place there in the gym will be harder and tougher than what the boxer will face in his main event. Chambers found that legend to be accurate. “The experience I had at the Kronk exceeded my expectations,” the Philadelphia based fighter stated. “It was a tough test every single day. There were no easy days, tremendous sparring in the ring (with Jonathan Banks, Don George, and Edwin Rodriguez among others) and training in 100 plus degree temperatures (referring to the Kronk’s sauna-like atmosphere) has me ready for Adamek.”

The pragmatic Adamek stuck to his regimen of 8 weeks of hard, physical training. “I’ve trained very hard for this fight, there has been no light training,” stated the stoic Pole. “I am prepared for 12 rounds and ready for anything Chambers may bring. His speed could be a factor, but let’s
see if his speed is there for 12 full rounds.”

“Heavyweights Collide” is Saturday night at the Prudential Center in Newark. First bout is 6:30 pm, the televised portion of the card begins at 9:00 pm.

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-the Roast :

Huh, I had no idea this was happening. I'll have to set the DVR. I wonder if this can be good? Adamek will press, Chambers will move, and the winner will earn the right to be pounded by a K brother again. I say it will be a draw.

-Radam G :

Whatever the Roast says! These muthasuckas are tomato cans. Holla!

-amayseng :

id like to see adamek against wladimar K. wlads chin is still suspect and adamek wont pull a haye where he tries fights to survive ala bradley...i think adamek will land some consistent shots...wlad is more a robot where vitali is ruthless