Pacquiao's New Distraction

Pacquiao bible study 120522 004aMay 22, 2012, Los Angeles, Ca. — “BIBLE STUDY” — Superstar Manny Pacquiao holds bible study with spiritual advisor Pastor Jeric Soriano Tuesday night after training in preparation for his upcoming World Welterweight title mega-fight against undefeated Jr. Welterweight champion Timothy “The Desert Storm” Bradley Jr.. Promoted by Top Rank, in association with MP Promotions, Tecate, AT&T and MGM Grand, Pacquiao vs Bradley will take place, Saturday, June 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, live on HBO Pay Per View. — Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank

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-Radam G :

Da Manny will turn devil-like in dat squared jungle against the Cali Cranium Crusher, and kayo his arse. Religion, and mystic beliefs about it, have never been a distraction to Team Pac. Nor will it ever be. You pugilistic scribes must be having a difficult time making this bout interesting and thrilling. This religious angle about Da Manny is not working. You ought to tie in the black lawyer-Black Nazarene [and Church of the same name] of the Philippines angle. This lawyer was responsible for hooking Da Manny up with fighting in the U.S.A. He and Da Manny hooked up again the other day after a number of years. Da Manny always attends the Black Nazarene Church in Qiapo City, Manila, Philippines because he believed that the Black Nazarene, a late advisor named Nazareno and this black lawyer -- and maybe a few more blackmen -- were greatly responsible for the blessings and the start of the creation of the PacMan. Da Manny is just a mystic kind of guy. Distraction about religious jive and religious mysticism about Da Manny is OLD NEWS. Holla!

-deepwater :

what is wrong with this writer?hey! how in your all knowing mind could you say that this is a distraction for manny? do you want manny training in a locked gym like clubber lang with a pic of bradley on the wall? or do you want him running mountains in russia? manny puts in hard training ,very hard training. training that would be impossible for you to do thats why you are not a pro boxer. boxers need to live their lives and have some normal activities in training camp or they get burnt out. if anything these bible classes might actually help manny find strength and clarity. if manny was chasing girls ,drinking or gambling during camp then it would be a concern. look I know you have to write nonsense sometimes to make afight entertaining or bring viewers to this site but this is reaching quite a bit.