Sergio and Chavez Sign For Sept. Fight

TSS LOGOThe WBC has been informed that WBC middleweight world champion Julio César Chávez Jr. and Diamond Belt champion Sergio Martínez have signed an agreement to have their mandatory fight in September, 2012. They have also agreed, and the WBC has ruled favorably, for Chávez to have a voluntary defense against Andy Lee on June 16 in El Paso, Texas.

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-ultimoshogun :

Nice! I'll be looking forward to this one.

-ali :

Chavez is man of his word but I think he's getting his *** whoop.

-ultimoshogun :

I think Jr. will be more competitive than some may think, if he can stay in Martinez's chest and make it a dogfight. Jr's kinda like a bigger version of Margarito.

-amayseng :

sergio should have tried to make a mayweather fight for november.......damn it..

-the Roast :

I do not believe this fight will take place. Chavez Jr. is too big for 160 and I predict he will not make weight. IF the fight does happen as long as Sergio stays off the ropes and doesnt let Jr mug him he will win by wide points margin. I agree with Amayseng about a Mayweather/Martinez fight. Sergio is not that big for a Middle and Floyd is not as effective as the aggressor. It would be a very interesting boxing match. I think JC Jr is headed for 175.

-ali :

Damn Roast u don't think he can make weight @168 or is it because the tops guys there is way to skilled for him.

-ali :

Ultimoshogun you make a great point im going to go on YouTube and watch Sergio fight Margacheato again I might change my opinion about who I think is going to win this fight.

-deepwater :

I am suprised manny steward didnt demand walking away money for lee on this one. lee coulda got paid off to step aside and then fight the winner of martinez vs chavez. you see, everyone is in love with sergio matinez style but sergios style of dancing in and out against a 180 pounder will not work for 12 rounds or even 8 rounds. I sparred a olympian from columbia years back at the lost battalion hall in queens ny. for 2 rounds he danced around and potshotted me like he was nassem hamed. it was pretty sad on my part. I looked out classed and was outclassed.his speed and movement made me look like a novice. I hit him with a check hook when he was jumping in hands low. I knocked him out cold. The only thing he and his trainer could say when they were carrying him out was I was too big. he was 139 I was 155 at the time. size matters and styles matter. chavez will be 180 in the ring against sergio=162-165. sergio martinez can not keep up the pace using that style for 10 rounds against a man 2 weight classes above him. andy lee is protected and lives under mannys bed and only comes out to spar the klitchos. i would wager chavez does not fight lee before he fights martinez.