Peterson-Khan II Cancelled

GoldenboyLOS ANGELES, May 9 – A failed pre-fight drug test administered by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), coupled with the Nevada State Athletic Commission's (NSAC) legal inability to hold a formal hearing on the matter of licensing Lamont Peterson for his Saturday, May 19 rematch against Amir Khan until Tuesday, May 15, has forced the cancellation of the event.

Ticket refunds for “Peterson vs. Khan II” will be available at your point of purchase. Ticketmaster may be reached at (800) 745-3000 or Event ticket refunds for fans traveling from the United Kingdom are available at www.sportscorporation.comor by calling +44 (0)845 163 0845.

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-Radam G :

WOW! Da dirty sucka must come clean. Holla!

-deepwater :

dam it peterson you damn bum. stupid fool taking testosterone pellets. khan should of whooped him and said i dont care if he takes pills or if he smokes crack , drugs dont help.

-brownsugar :

Hard to swallow,... but nobody takes a hard to get substance like testosterone by accident. Especially a World Class Competitor... it hurts.... it hurts real bad... but not as much as it's going to hurt Peterson if these accusations are true...brownsugar turns his back and walks away.

-Radam G :

The "theatre of the unexpected" is so very darn ditto about boksing. Who would have ever thought that a pugilist would believe that he could cheat with steroids and hide the cheating by getting a hood scientist to make steroid pellets to be shot da nasty, sh*tty a$$. WTF! It's all through the boxing grapevine that Lamont Peterson thought that he had got away because there is no sh*t test in da game for using roids. And poop could put da hide on steroids. Hehehe! LP and his hood doctor wrongly believed that steroid usage couldn't be found if you pellet shoot that jive up da dukey hole. OMFG! What dumb-a$$ false scientific syet. WOW! Commonsense should have told LP and da hood doc that traces and waste particles of steroid-pellet shooting up da hole of da hinny was going to leak straight into the peepee tract. Where in da double fudge did the quack get his quack-arse degree? Maybe Marion Barry Crack Academy At D.C.! Hehehe! Da muthasucka LP has nothing on Juan Manuel Marquez's peepee sippin,' or on Doc Vitali K using his toddler son's peepee on the doc's handwraps to help Doc with those bad-a$$ bone in his hands, and/or on the late, great Sugar Ray Robinson drinking toxic-a$$ cow blood and passing out in bout that he was winning. Hahahaha! Wow! I just have so much luv fo' diz game. It ain't got no shame! And a muthafool will do almost anything to get a taste of dat fame. ____ _____ ____ come, ____ ____ ____ came! Hehe! Haha! Holla!

-ultimoshogun :

Dan Rafael just reported Berto has tested positive for a steroid and the Ortiz/Berto rematch is in big trouble....this sucks.

-Radam G :

Why would anybody be surprised that Berto has finally got caught using steroids. TSS readers, the saint, Fighter for Jesus Christ and your's truly told you guys that a long, long time ago. And these dumba$$ muthasucking roid heads think that they can hide the usages through all type of make-believe syet -- literally sh*t! As Peterson was doing, Berto was trying to hide steroids in his body up in the retrum hidden inside the sh*t! What some nasty, stupid __ ____ ______! They were thinking that if you put that jive in syet, and you don't take a syet test, that you will be all right with they hiding. Holla!