Canelo Wins UD From Game Shane Mosley

AlvarezMosleyFinalPC HoganphotosShane Mosley didn't win against Canelo Alvarez, in the main support bout to the Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto feature bout on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but he did win back some fans who didn't think he gave the best account of himself against Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Canelo got more than many folks who thought Mosley was damaged goods coming in bargained for, as he needed to work the whole twelve against the oldster. After 12, the judges, bless them, didn't screw up, and awarded Canelo a UD, 119-109, 118-110, 119-109.

This was a rock solid win over a Mosley who, indeed, looked to be at 100% for this fight. Canelo after to Larry Merchant said that it was great experience, the “beginning” of his career. Was it an audition, a winning audition, for a Mayweather fight? Yes, he said, he's ready for Floyd, Cotto or Pacman. Shane joked that kids are now beating him up. He said Canelo's defense is good, he's “pretty quick,” he has great composure. “He can go a long ways,” he said. He said it may be time to hang em up.

Mosley (46-7-1; age 40; from Pomona, California; six time, three division champion) was 154 pounds , while WBC junior middleweight champ Canelo (39-0-1; age 21; from Mexico) was also 154 .

Manny Steward said he thought Mosley would give a good account of himself in this match before the first round, for the record. He was spot on, though CompuBox said Canelo outlanded Shane, 252 to 100. That doesn't take into account Mosley's heart, which had him in Canelo's face to the final bell.

Jessie Reyes, CJ Ross and Glen Trowbridge were the judges, by the way. We said a prayer they wouldn't screw up before the first bell. It worked, apparently.

In the first, Canelo waited and assessed. At 1:30, he started to jab. Mosley didn't look all that crisp, maybe he would get lubed up. Mosley landed ten, while Canelo landed 11. In the second, Canelo landed lead rights. His hook got cooking, and he closed distance, unafraid of Mosley's power. In the third, Mosley looked to land a little jab. A one-two showed that Shane's reflexes had dimmed even more than before. A cut opened from a butt, on Canelo's left eye, on the lid. His corner said the cut was no big deal. In round four, a mean round two made the crowd buzz. It was patient round for Canelo. It was a tight round. “I need you to bring the energy, Shane, like you want this thing,” trainer Naazim Richardson told Mosley.

In the fifth, Canelo got cooking at 1:30. His hooks had the crowd buzzing. Mosley was right there, in the pocket, not running. Canelo had the power punch edge, 26 to 11, in that round. In the sixth, left hooks to the body, and right crosses were landing clean on Shane. In the seventh, Mosley didn't back off, though he was getting tagged a bunch. After the round, Richardson said, “That's your best round.”
That was not encouraging. In the eighth, Shane bulled him, tried to blunt him. He threw a shoe-shine combo, circa 1998, and the crowd liked it. He was busy and energetic, good stuff from Shane, though Canelo landed more power shots, according to CompuBox. In the ninth, Canelo ripped with body shots, getting himself more room to work. Mosley, bless him, hung tough. “If you got something left, you gotta put em together,” Richardson said after.

In the tenth, Shane used his legs more. He showed solid energy, but did get tagged in the last third. In the 11th, Mosley still edged forward for much of the round. In the 12th, Mosley came forward, threw one-twos. He ate, but bless him, he wasn't huffing that hard with a minute left. We went to the cards.

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-the Roast :

You never know in Boxing but I hope that was Shane Mosley's last fight. I gave him the first round but that was it. I give him credit for competing with the young kid, the rounds were not close but Shane was hanging in there. No shame. I'd like to see Alvarez fight Cotto. That would be a war.

-amayseng :

i gave shane 3 rounds. he took some shots but he came back with vigor and aggression a few times like the old shane and i was happy to see that.. i think he can retire happily with this performance as he felt he didnt leave anything in the gym... a few of those rounds i gave to shane due to sheer activity, canelo didnt throw punches for up to a minute a few rounds, then he tried to flurry a few times and landed a few but that doesnt earn a 3 minute round... shane needs to train and stay within boxing since he loves it so but he should hang em up and stay in the gym with the kids...hope he can find peace there.. oh, also, shane was by far the smaller man he is in no way a junior middleweight...

-ultimoshogun :

What a warrior Shane is for hanging for 12 rds...that super slowmo replay of Canelo's hook to the body was brutal. I agree though, lets hope Shane does the smart thing and hangs 'em up. I like your idea for a Cotto/Canelo fight too Roast!

-brownsugar :

you couldn't be more right about that Ultimo, a normal human couldn't take that type of assault to the body and just stand there like he didn't feel it, Shane was trying to play it close to the vest but his elbow kept dropping to the same spot everytime Canello buried his hook there, .... At this point in his career, the biggest quality he has left is his ability to take huge punishment and remain perpendicular to the canvas. Hope he doesn't become a stepping stone. ....... I mean become even more of a stepping stone than he already is.

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

I just hope I don't see this brother on ESPN "Friday Night Fights" or Shobox. He was a human punching bag last night and his punches were "pitty pat" punches with no power behind them. This is when boxing needs a commission to make boxers such as Mosley, Taylor, and Holyfield hang up their gloves! I'm from L.A. and grew up watching Shane. I have played pick up basketball with him before and he is a very down to earth well mannered individual. I think he is probably sticking around because of the divorce and child support that he has to pay. Last night was sad, the only positive thing that I can say on behalf of Shane is that he has one of the best chins of this generation!