Floyd on Last 24/7: “I Want To See More Blood”

24-7-Mayweather-vs-CottoFloyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto both seem relaxed and able to enjoy the hectic nature of fightweek in the fourth and final episode of the Mayweather-Cotto 24/7 mini-series which ran on HBO Friday night.

We see Cotto in Orlando, at Freedom High School, at a pep rally for the fighter.
He provided a $25,000 scholarship to a Freedom student, and for sure will have a lot of Freedom kids rooting hard for him tomorrow.

Cotto leaves camp for Vegas, a party of ten who all have drawn-on mustaches for the flight. He says he will enjoy the whole fight week. He's fought in Vegas 11 times in 11 years as a pro.

Mayweather is in his house while Cotto is in a hotel. Floyd is under the covers with his missus, and says, “I'm not going to show you who I got under here…It's not a guy,” he says, an allusion to Cotto sharing a bed with pal Bryan Perez at training camp.

Floyd says, “But May 5, blood has got to get drawn. I'm going for the kill. If I see blood, it's motivating me even more. Cause I want to see more blood.”

He wonders if Cotto will look to survive or will be willing to go out on his shield.

We see a gig thrown for Floyd by his crew. There is dancing, while Floyd plays cards with Uncle Roger, who turned 51 last week. Roger says his diabetes is a factor, but he wants to live to be 150, to see his kids grow up. Floyd worries that Roger doesn't eat right, and he wants to better oversee his health. “I love him dearly,” he says.

On Tuesday, fans flock to see Canelo and Shane Mosley come to the MGM. The show introduces Canelo, and promoter Oscar De La Hoya gushes over him, saying he's happy to hand over the torch. I would say Pacquiao took the torch, and brought it elsewhere, but hey…

Canelo, in this mini 24/7, says he knows many doubt him, but he does not. Mosley says experience helps him. People who watched him just look to survive against Mayweather and Pacquiao have pretty much switched him off. He said he doesn't want to hear people ask him when he will retire; well, he talked a good game and then didn't do what his unwritten contract promised…try to win. That's weak in my book, no matter if he is headed to the Hall. A pro goes out and tries his best to win, bottom line, end of story.

Pedro Diaz weighs in, and says Cotto is sure of what he has. The sportbooks are sure he will lose. The fighter says he is enjoying the magnitude of the event.

At the Mayweather Boxing Club, Floyd is still working hard. He says his weight, 148, 152, whatever, doesn't matter, he will be ready to rumble. His crew offers predictions on what their guy will do. 50 Cent says Floyd will stop Cotto before the midway point of round nine, or so he hopes, and so he has bet. He notes that the bright side for Cotto is that he will be well paid for his whuppin.

Floyd says he is positive regardless of what's coming down the pike, even jail time impending. “Everything is a learning experience,” he says. He says he asks 'why me?' to the heavens, and thanks the above that he is “one of the chosen ones.”

Liev Schrieber offers some profundities in closing, and we see rehash hi-lights of the series. Fade to black…

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-Radam G :

This HBO's Floydeligion syet is off the hook. And the humbuggery bullsh*tology operation oughta shut that book. We don't need another whacky religion. But it's all good HBO is trying to bring those "suckas born every minute" rushing to pay for that PPV watching. I doubt that HBO will pull it off, though. But the Mexican-Lebanonese billionaire Carlos Slim may just save the night. Fat-Money C Slim is a paradox and a tricky fox. The real attraction of the night is the red-headed hype Canelo Alvarez. Just hope that the Sugarman doesn't fudge everything up and put some sugar in Canelo's tank. And I know that the old, wise Genie Naazim has a plan. Danggit! Maybe an A-Team of genies has join forces to put an art-master hex on the red-headed boy blunder -- I mean wonder. Hehehehe! I'm having too much fun. To all my Pinoys, Makakikita ako sa inyo sa L.A. Airport mamaya gabi. Alam ninyo oras na ay MANNY! Holla!