Shane: Canelo Probably Shouldn't Be In Ring With Me



Canelo Alvarez, WBC Super Welterweight World Champion

“I can only say good things about Sugar Shane Mosley. He is a great champion, but I have trained hard for this fight, and I feel that I am going to win it. It is going to be a victory for all of Mexico.

“Mosley is a great fighter and despite his age, he has taken very good care of his body.

“Even though Mosley is a veteran fighter, he can still beat a lot of young guys. I’m prepared for the best Mosley ever.

“You really can’t compare him [Mosley] to anybody, he is a complete fighter. He’s fast, he’s strong…he’s everything. I have never faced anybody like him.

“The key in this fight for me is not to get desperate. I have to take my time and stick to my game plan.

“This is just another test, another gate that I have to walk through. With Mosley being who he is, I feel that I have entered the big leagues. There will be way bigger fights and better things for me.”

Sugar Shane Mosley, Six-Time and Three-Division World Champion

“I have been a champion with the WBC for a few fights and I’ve had great successes.

“HBO is keeping boxing alive and I’m very happy because that is what I love, I love the sport of boxing.

“This is going to be a great fight. I’m in great shape and I’m ready to rock and roll.

“Canelo wants to test himself and see if he is among the elite fighters. This is a golden opportunity for me so I’m very, very happy.

“My plan is to do what I do, be Sugar Shane Mosley, get the punches in and win the fight.

“This is a no nonsense fight for me, I’m in there to win.

“Canelo is a good young fighter, but he probably shouldn’t be in the ring with me. It should have been somebody else. Hopefully he can learn from it, learn from this fight and become a better fighter. He seems like a good young kid.

“I think my experience is going to make a difference, but I also think that my speed and power are going to make a bigger difference.

“The motivation is fighting the right fight. The type of fight I know I can fight. That’s the motivation and showing the people the way Sugar Shane really fights.”

Jose Reynoso, Canelo’s Manager and Promoter

“On Saturday, Sugar Shane Mosley is going to be the door that Canelo is going to walk through to enter into the big leagues.”

NaazimRichardson, Mosley’s Trainer

“Canelo is already a star. When he came to America, he was a star. Now they brought him here to be a superstar.

“Canelo was watching Shane before Shane knew who Canelo was.”

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-deepwater :

mosley is shot. hate to say it. bet the house on the red headed step kid. mosley knocked out cheatarito because he was fired up his wife jin just served him divorce papers. long tooth mosley has a hot lil girl now so he doesnt have that anger. just a high maintance girl that will ditch him soon enough. when that happens mosley will be fired up ione last

-Radam G :

Hehehehehe! Deepwater is getting on his too-fudging-true comedy again. But boxing is the "threatre of the unexpected." Holla!