Adonis Stevenson Smashes Noe Gonzalez on FNF

FNFAdd the name Adonis Stevenson to the top of the 168 roster. He blitzed Noe Gonzalez, and scored a TKO2 win in Montreal on Friday Night. ESPN2 televised the rubout, as the Manny Steward trained hitter, born in Haiti and living in Canada since age 5, threw fast and furious from the get go. He rose to 18-1 with 14 stops, while the Uraguyan loser, advised by Sampson Lewkowicz, slipped to 28-2.

Stevenson is quite the story; he turned pro at 29. He had some legal problems in the late 90s, as he was affiliated with a prostitution ring. It is said that he was physical with the girls, but Steward said this is not so, that the boxer simply acted as protection for them. he is now on the straight and narrow, Steward told me, and this is the only way he'd agree to manage as well as train him.

At 34, he is a late but welcome arrival to the division. A bombs away lefty, he has injected himself into the mix.

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-the Roast :

The stoppage was a little quick but Gonzalez was in trouble. Adonis could be fun for awhile. All punchers are welcome.

-Radam G :

WTF! The Roast got too much of the homefront in the "Windy City." He says that this bout was stopped too quickly, while on another post, he says that Ronny Hearns's bout was stopped kind of slowly. Now I see why the Marvelous One, and now the Roast, has moved to Italy. Danggit! It's something in the air! Some good syet! Hehehehe! I got to get over to Italy and get my breathing in the air deeply on. Later for all the dang smog in Manila, P-Islands and SoCal smog cities of LA and SD. Holla!

-teaser :

yep a bombs away lefty...and that is the only punch that works for him outside of a good jab...he'd better educate that right hand or he'll be in for a long nite against a good boxer..better stay away from Dirrell....Ward and Bute are out of the question....good exciting guy to watch...just needs a few more tools ...the power is there for sure

-ali :

I don't know what people see in Stevenson he is staight garbage if he fight Anthony Dirrell he's getting KTFO!!! Emmanuel Stewart said he could beat any of the top guys at 168. Come on Emmanuel I know that's your fighter but ain't no way in hell he can even be competitive with Bute, Ward, Froch, the Dirrell brothers ect.

-brownsugar :

Agreed.... dude was a brute.... but he ain' t cute...lets drink a toast to the lucky to watch but inconsistant.