Colombia's Darly Perez Stays Unbeaten,  Jose Reynoso Wins by KO in CA

TSS LOGO!ONTARIO, CALIF.-Colombia's Darly Perez (25-0, 19 KOs) knocked out Tijuana's Alain “Konan” Hernandez (18-10-1, 10 KOs) with a four-punch combination at 2:59 of round two. Referee Raul Caiz Jr. stopped the fight without a count as Hernandez fell through the ropes.

Perez showed a pinpoint right hand in the first round and then added a left hook in the second round. As Hernandez attempted to come in with his head low Perez began to fire uppercuts. It was those uppercuts that began the downfall for Hernandez.

Jose “El Nino” Reynoso (16-2-1, 3 KOs) won by a hard fought technical knockout against James “Boogie” Hope (6-10-1, 4 KOs) at the end of round seven. Referee Ray Corona stopped the fight on the advice of the ringside physician after Hope was seen vomiting in the corner.

Reynoso was winning nearly every round. Ironically the seventh was Hope's best round but when the bell rung the South Carolinan must have not felt 100 percent. Reynoso had been punishing Hope all through the fight with resounding body blows.

Ontario's Jonathan “Lil Thunder” Arellano (12-0-1, 3 KOs) swept every round against Mexicali's Jose Cota (15-7, 11 KOs) and ended the affair at the end of round seven with a blitzkrieg of blows. Referee Raul Caiz Jr. stopped the fight on the advice of the ringside physician.

Arellano looked extremely sharp and showed some flashy defense. Cota never could land more than a single blow and when he looked on the verge of winning a round, Arellano opened up with some vicious uppercuts and right hands. It was a good stoppage and Arellano looks ready to move up to another tier.

San Pedro's Isaac Zarate (2-0) floored Mexico's Francisco “Bebe” Camacho (1-1) in the first round with a left to the solar plexus. After that Zarate pretty much controlled the fight against the taller and agile Camacho who absorbed big blows in the featherweight match but didn't go down again. The judges scored it for Zarate 40-34, 39-36 twice.

After a slow and tenuous first round San Bernardino's Joshua Conley (2-0, 2KOs) unwound the bombs and took Eduardo Herrera (0-5) out of there with a long right cross. Referee Raul Caiz Jr. stopped the welterweight fight at 40 seconds of round two though Herrera looked like he could continue. But he was over-matched against the faster Conley.

North Hollywood's Carlos Chavez (1-0) had an easy time for the first two rounds against Highland's Mauro Brenes (0-3). That changed. In round three Brenes changed tactics against the taller and longer reach of Chavez and fought up close and personal. The close quarters made the fight much tougher as both exchanged blows nose to nose and connected with uppercuts and hooks to the body. All three judges scored it 39-37 for Chavez but the fans enjoyed the action filled fight.

Featherweight Alejandro Chavez out-punched Edgar Flores of Stanton in a four round bout to win his professional debut. Chavez fights out of San Fernando. There were no knockdowns in the fight.

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