Darchinyan Loses To Yamanaka

DarchinyanPerez Hogan34Looks like age, and Shinsuke Yamanaka, have caught up with Vic Darchinyan. The 36 year-old former flyweight, super flyweight and bantamweight champion lost a unanimous decision in Japan on Friday to Yamanaka, a 29 year old southpaw from Japan who rises to 16-0 with the win.

The Australian-born Darchinyan, having lost his second straight UD12, drops to 37-5-1. In this battle of lefties, the Japanese boxer won out by scores of 117-111, 116-112, 116-112. Darchinyan carried the tussle early, but was cut on his right eye midway through, and the hometowner did the better work down the stretch.

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Radam G :

Evil Vic should become religious Dick and land a television show fake saving souls, but still making that moola. His days of whup-a$$ is gettin' on its fade. But his smack talk is still top grade. Even if he would've won the bout, he likely would have gotten rob. Smack talk in Tokyo is framed upon. I can see Evil Vic as one of these television preachers screaming to everyone about giving donations and drinking his miracle water or going to hell if you done. Holla!

Radam G :

BTW! I musta fo'got! So that none of the Armenian readers jump all up in your grill, Editor M, Evil Vic was born in Vanador, Armenia, not Down Under. Holla!

deepwater :

evil vic just needs to hire sweet lou dibella. sweet lou has tomatoe cans for days. sweet lous formula= get a tomatoe can with no hope of winning, tell the media that vic is training harder the he ever did, knock out tomatoe can, the call out arce and grab a million before its all over.

ali :

Vic is officially done....

brownsugar :

wow,... I already miss the old evil vic..... in his prime he was one of the most dangerous and sadistically competitive flyweight-super flyweights around. a guy that truly loved his job... age happens to the best of em'