Hank Lundy Shrugs Off Scare, Beats Dannie Williams on “FNF”

FNFIt looked like it could be an early night for Hank Lundy, and not in a good way, when Dannie Williams sent him to the mat in the first round in the main event of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, which took unfolded at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. But Lundy, one of the better pre-fight trash-talkers in the game, who wants to be known as one of the better lightweights in the sport, regrouped, and basically owned the hard-hitting but less well-rounded Williams the rest of the way. After ten rounds, Lundy retained his NABF lightweight strap, by scores of 98-91, 97-92, 97-92. Analyst Teddy Atlas had it 97-92 for Lundy.

Lundy (now 22-1; out of Philly; age 28) was 135 pounds, while Williams (now 21-2; lived in St. Louis, now living in Youngstown, Ohio; age 27; trained by Jack Loew, ex Kelly Pavlik trainer was 135 as well.

In the first, Lundy started out lefty. His long jab looked like it would be a solid weapon. Williams started out swinging for the fences. He dropped Lundy to a knee with 25 seconds to go, off a left hook, to the temple. He popped up immediately, as he often does.

In the second, Lundy started righty. His jab from this stance is equally as sharp and long. It looked like he gained a bit of respect for Williams’ pop, and thus was a little tighter with his launches.

In the third, a lead right clanged Williams’ chin. Then he got Lundy on the ropes, and the men traded tit for tat. Then a left hook with 40 seconds to go had Lundy buzzed, but he landed his own left hook at the same time which sent Williams backwards.

In round four, the action slowed slightly, and we wondered if maybe if stamina actually would come in to play in this shootout.

In the fifth, the slower pace helped Lundy, who helped set the pace and tone with a regular jab. Williams stalked, but politely.

In the sixth, Williams backed up more. Lundy was now the stalker, and he looked energized while doing so.

In the seventh, Williams was peppier than the previous round. He jabbed more than before, and wanted to back Lundy up. In the eighth, Williams ate some hard, clean shots. His head movement, his reflexes had dimmed. In the ninth, Lundy’s jab stayed quick and strong. In the tenth, Williams needed to throw everything at Lundy, but he didn’t know it, or have it in him.

SPEEDBAG FNF comes back in two weeks, with Michael Katsidis-Albert Mensah.

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-deepwater :

Good fight.Lundy weathered the storm and came out on top. He earned that win. the undercard fight was weak. Trainer Jack Lowe didnt even teach his fighter how to adjust to a damn jab. no wonder why pavlik started chugging beers, good move to garcia. jack lowe should order a dvd on boxing instruction for crying out loud

-Radam G :

Deepwater, that water is not only deep, but cold! Hehehehehe! Holla!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

Lundy is a tough night for any lightweight when he is focused. Call me crazy, but I think he would give a one dimensional pressure fighter like Brandon Rios hell!

-the Roast :

Deepwater has been on a serious roll! I love the assaults on Sweet Lou. More!

-Radam G :

SRD, I'm calling you what you asked: "CRAZY!" Bam Bam slams slams Lundy in one round. One round of pure, hot "hell" for Lundy. Holla!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

SRD, I'm calling you what you asked: "CRAZY!" Bam Bam slams slams Lundy in one round. One round of pure, hot "hell" for Lundy. Holla!
I'm not impressed with "Bam Bam" and I think that he will lose if he is ever matched against a slick boxer with speed. Lundy may lose against Rios, but in one round? Come on Radam G! Adrien Broner needs to stop B.S. and move up 5 pounds and take over the lightweight division, holla!

-Radam G :

WOW! C'mon, SRD! Now "Bam Bam" Rios will really do a job and a half on hyped-up, stiff-a$$, head-straight-up-in-the sky "Adrien Broner." I'd not be shocked to see Bam Bam put Broner to sleep faster than Rocky Lockridge did [Uncle] Roger May back in the day. As for Lundy lasting close to a full round, Broner would be counting sheep in about a Kansas minute SOMEWHEREEEEEE O'VER DA RAINBOW -- WAAAAYYY UP HIGH! Hehehehe!Holla!

-brownsugar :

@Deepwater.... that's what I thought... How could Jack Loewe present such a Green prospect like Williams to such an important event. // When I first saw Danny Williams walk down some journyman with a quick and easy KO, I wanted to see more and secretly wondered if I was witnessing the rise of another boxing prodigy. In Danny William's fight against Lundy I saw more than I need to....... To understand that this kid's not ready for prime time. Williams never pulls is hands back to the defense position when he punches, doesn't know how to move his feet while he's punching in order to change the angle or close the distance. basically throws defense out the window while he punches... frequently leaving his face wide open while moving in with wide WIDE punches. and finally he attempts to evade punches by moving only his upperbody in a straight line backwards. I could continue but the list is long enough. They said this guy had 156 amatuer fights... that's twice as many as Mayweather, Yet Williams fought like it was his first day out of prison, without the benefit of sparring session,...a few laps around the track.....(or time to take inventory of what skills he had left after his incarceration) How Loewe could let Williams enter the ring against a battle seasoned sharpshooter like Lundy in this condition is far beyond my imagination. .... simply can't comprehend why his managment would do this.. Almost seemed like a cash-in move by his management. Doesn't take a boxing expert to see how badly this kid is flawed. Although he still has promise if he can be molded and shaped by the right trainer. (and time to season up) AS far as Lundy Vs Rios or Lundy vs any other top name... let me say that I have appreciated watching Lundy on nights when there was no PPV or big name title fights on the air. to fill the gap Lundy has become a regular fixture on ESPN fighting every 2 or 3 months. Every time you see him you know you'll see a quality effort.... Every time I've watched him win or lose,.. I was always left with a sense of satisfaction. ... my hunger for boxing was satiated for one more evening. Lundy has great legs and mobility, he also has a snapping jab from either side that he puts his shoulder into to great effect. Lundy jab looks so good sometimes he appears to be jabbing guys from the other side of the ring. On the other hand Rios would enter the ring weighing as much as 155lbs after he rehydrates... he's a tough fighter but he's a little like Ricky Hatton used to be. Meaning that,... He's fighting at the optimal minimum weight possible......Rio can starve down to make 135lbs and put on +20lbs of liquids overnight. He's like welterweight fighting a lightweight. (he is also part of the fuel to the 24hour weigh-in argument) eventually nature will automatically equalize this advantage.... and Rios will eventually have to move up into a higher weight class.... he'll still be a good fighter but his KO percentage will drop and he'll either win or lose by decision more often than not.... at 140lbs-147,....walking guys down face-first won't be as easy as it was at Lightweight. You'll start to see him go the distance more and more... and occasionally get outpointed easily by the better boxers of the division. But he's definitely great entertainment with a huge upside while his youth and his chin continue to hold-out. I consider Lundy a work in progress,...a good entertaining fighter... who fights on for greater challenges dispite a questionable chin.. and a sometimes leaky defense on any given saturday night..Lundy can be so focused he seems like he'll beat anybody, and then make huge defensive errors on another night. But the good news is.... Lundy is currently back to his winning ways(including a KO of David Diaz). Which makes his fights very worthwhile watching.

-fightscorecollector :

how did you all score the fight? , cheers

-deepwater :

wiiliams would not even win a fight in the new york golden gloves fighting like that. its almost criminal that jack lowe put this kid in there. wiiliams needs to fire those bums and come to brooklyn or the bronx. he should spar at gleason,starret city and johns in the bronx. he needs to get whooped in the nyc gym circuit. those whoopings will teach him how to take a beating and adjust. i could picture lowe holding the mitts and cheering him on during sparring but i dont see one bit of instruction on this kid.

-Radam G :

Danggit! Hehehehehe! Deepwater is drowning their a$$es in the deep, deep water again. Hahahahahehehe! Dude can comically, factually straight up gut punch boxing incompetence with righteous words like nobody that I know. His spit is so real that you just have to get your laugh on and some. Hehehe! HAHAHEHE!Holla!