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FNFKendall Holt scored four knockdowns in the main event of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, which unfolded at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon, CA, but let's not go crazy over that, or his TKO2 win. His foe, Tim Coleman, came off as mentally flat, at best, and he didn't give off many signals that he came to the ring in a mindset conducive to winning, or even giving his all.

In the first, Holt scored a knockdown off a left hook to the body, a counter which came after a lazy lead right. In the second, Coleman went down again less than a minute in, from a left-right combo. Holt scored another knockdown at the 1:20 mark, off a couple sharp rights. With 45 seconds remaining, Coleman went down again, off a left hook to the head, and, perhaps, a lack of desire to be there, and his corner stepped up to end it, with a white towel. The time was 2:23 of the second. Teddy Atlas basically called out Coleman for not wanting to stand tall and try to get back into the fight, for not behaving like a pro who was in it to win it.

Teddy noted that Coleman talked about drinking a beer a few days ago, and noted that this would give him an alibi if he got hammered. Prescient.

Roy Jones, subbing for Holt's dad as trainer, looked the part as chief second. Here's hoping he does more of that, and hangs up the gloves, to save himself from taking more shots.

Coleman, unless he figures out he really wants to do this, would be best served to walk away as well. This racket isn't one to pursue half-heartedly, not if you value your brain cells.

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