Zab Judah: “With Age You Get Better!”


LAS VEGAS – Zab Judah, 41-8, 28 KOs, is ready for his Brooklyn homecoming on March 24th, and looks forward to earning another title shot before his local fans.

“This is my first time fighting in Brooklyn as a professional,” Judah said. “I’m very excited. It’s going to be awesome.”

Judah, 34, will face Detroit’s Vernon Paris, 26-0, 15 KOs, in a 12-round IBF Junior Welterweight Title Elimination Bout at the Aviator Sports Complex, in Brooklyn, NY. Paris, 24, will travel to Judah’s back yard for the fight. The intriguing fight promoted by Main Events is the featured bout of a big night of boxing to be nationally televised by the NBC Sports Network.The Fight Night broadcast begins at 10PM ET.

Speaking from his Las Vegas training camp, the five-time world champion said he believes that the proper preparation for a big fight should not revolve around the opponent, but instead focus on himself.

“I’ll have myself 100% ready,” Judah said. “I think the best thing to do is just prepare Zab Judah to be the best Zab Judah can be. I’ve fought the best in the world so far. After 110 amateur fights and 48 professional fights, I’ve seen all kinds of styles.”

Judah did not seem overly concerned with his 24-year old opponent, Paris, who will be looking to keep his impressive record unblemished. “I don’t know much about him,” said Judah. “I’ve seen a couple of his fights, but actually I fell asleep. It was nothing that amazing to see.”

Judah, who never reveals his plan of attack before a fight, still indicated that he was preparing a few confidential surprises for Paris. “I got a little pot of stew cooking for him,” Judah said. “Come March 24th, I’ll pour this secret recipe on heavy.”

Although some believe that Paris’ youthful hunger will prove to be a very real challenge for Judah, the former champ is not worried about facing an ambitious fighter ten years his junior. In fact, he believes his maturity and experience are key advantages.

“With age you get better,” Judah said. “The older you get, the better you get… and the more money you make. Old is great! This fight is for my legacy. I look forward to going home and having a great night.”

So Judah returns to Brooklyn in less than three weeks for the chance to become the #1 ranked IBF junior welterweight in the world, and put himself in line for yet another world title fight.

“I’ve got nothing to prove,” Judah said. “I just have to go in there, put on a dynamite performance, and pull out a spectacular win. That’s all I have to do.”

And he’ll get to do it in front of his hometown fans. “I’m going to Brooklyn, New York to shake the town up and turn it upside down.”

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Tickets to the blockbuster triple-header, priced at $200, $100 and $75 and may be purchased by calling Main Events (973) 200-7050, Peltz Boxing (215) 765-0922, or online through The non-televised undercard fights will begin at 7:30 p.m., the NBC Sports Network Fight Night broadcast will begin at 10 p.m. ET on Mar 24th.

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-deepwater :

I sparred zab in 94 and lasted 3 rounds. I was there when he one his first title against the south african and even got to roll with the afterparty with jay z. I was also there when baldomir walked zab down in front of his kids and took the belt.ive seen all the ups and downs. I think this will be a win for brooklyn. paris is talking alot of sh7t coming out of detroit. beating a so so coleman is not that great. I see zab winning by tko or big decision.

-ali :

@deepwater Paris is the truth I like Zab but he getting scrape in this fight.

-brownsugar :

Deepwater is back!............welcome!!! Vernon Paris fights like a gunslinger,... hands low like he's getting ready to draw, he bangs hard with both hands but I think he believe a little too much in his personal toughness,... guys carrying 2 bullets in there flesh and knife wounds usually do.... but if he can resist the urge to go into full-blown-macho-berserk-mode on Judah, his chances of winning are very real...only problem is, Vernon is very hittable,.. especially for a seasoned pro like Zab..... If he can hang tough with Zab and last till the later rounds,.. I can see him forcing Zab to quit..(which Zab has done before on several occassions.... in controversial ways) this is a very good cross roads fight. should be on somebodies PPV under card.

-mortcola :

No, Zab, with age you might gain wisdom and patience. You will be slower, more easily injured, and generally less motivated to do harm to others. Your character will also start to harden, so that who you are in the process of becoming will become more or less permanent. You are a talented underachiever, and you have fallen short in most of your high level endeavors, against people who are your athletic inferiors. And you have behaved violently and foolishly, though some small amount of wisdom seems to have seeped through to make you a less arrogant person. But some do transcend - let the world see that you have more courage and fortitude than in your other efforts, and we'll applaud.

-deepwater :

hey whats up brownsuger.thanks. I would agree with you if this wasnt a gangster fight. zab cant keep his head up in brooklyn if he lets detroit slap him around. zab will pull it off and never shine again.