Hauser Joins Team HBO As Consultant


hbo-ipad-serviceA note from TSS contributor Thomas Hauser:


As of this week, I’ve undertaken a new role.  I’ve agreed to serve as a consultant to HBO Sports.

I will have no decision-making authority at HBO. I’m not authorized to represent the network to third parties in business matters.  I’ll continue to write about boxing for various websites and print publications.  To the extent that my by-line appears less frequently this year than it has in the past, it will be because I’m currently engaged in the time-consuming task of writing a novel about Charles Dickens.

I’m grateful to the leadership at HBO Sports for giving me this opportunity.

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Radam G :

This may be the best that HBO has done in a long time. As a boxing historian and honest, for-real cat, TH is a straight-up DIME. Holla!

dino da vinci :

Ditto Radam.