Arreola Buzzed, Returns Fire For KO1 Over Molina

Arreola Buzzed, Returns Fire For KO1 Over Molina – I’m not being a punk. It may be time to make “Slim” Chris Arreola’s nickname. The ex title challenger has dumped the brews and late night chowfests, and he looked pretty sleek at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday night against Eric Molina.

Arreola (33-2 entering; from Riverside, California; age 30) was 245 pounds, while Molina (18-1 entering; from Texas; age 29) was 228 on Friday.

Arreola looked to land heavy thunder right hands in the first, and he thumped Molina to the body as well. Molina cranked a sharp right with a minute left, and buzzed him badly. Arreola came back to drop and stop Molina right after that. A left hook high on the head, and then a hammer of a right cross did the severe damage on the debut of Showtime’s new “Extreme” program, with Molina unable to rise. The end came at 2:30 of the opening round.

Arreola likely gets a crack at Wlad Klitschko. He didn’t have any luck against Vitali Klitschko in 2009, but this is a new version, slimmer, trimmer, maybe smarter. And, maybe Wlad is sliding? Also, Arreola could give him the sort of pressure that in the past he hasn’t cared for.

He said after that he was happy to get hit. Why does he like it, Jim Gray asked? “I guess because my dad hit me lot, when my dad hit me that’s when I knew how to fight,” he said, drawing chuckles. He said going to the gym is about prepping for the fight, not a session of “fat camp.” He then took a profane shot at Don King, who made a crack about Hispanics at a press conference this week. Gray pulled the plug and the announce crew slammed Arreola.

The new version of Malik Scott actually debuted the program, which kicked off Saturday nigh at 8 PM ET. Scott gets points for trimming down, and to charitable, he did show some things that give hope that this new version of Scott isn’t mostly a packaging overhaul. The Philly area boxer was 225 ¾ yesterday, and gets props for weighing what he used to weigh back around 2003. We saw good combos, good hand speed and some good aggression in spots. He went 181-530, to 88-523 for loser Releford, and nabbed a UD8 by scores of 79-73, 80-72, 8-072.

The 31-year-old Scott is working with Jesse Reid, who will give him all the verbal encouragement he can handle, and then some. He rises to 33-0 with just 11 KOs, and Releford (age 30; from Texas) slips 22-16. They met in 2006 and the same result went down, only Scott was 236 pounds.

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