Chisora Slaps Vitali at Weigh-In

Chisora Slaps Vitali at Weigh-In – I wrote yesterday that Dereck Chisora has shown the sort of aggression that could give Vitali Klitschko problems. At the weigh-in today for the fight which unfolds in Munich tomorrow, the Brit Chisora showed the sort of aggression that could earn him a terrific beating…or spur Klitschko to exit his comfort zone of controlled aggression, and leave himself open to being countered and hurt.

Chisora slapped Vitali with his right hand, leaving a red mark, according to The Telegraph, during the post weigh-in staredown/pose session. Watch it here.

Before that, according to The Telegraph, the 28 year old with a 15-2 mark told the media he’d be ending the reign of Klitschko dominance. “I promise you, it’s the end for Vitali. I will end the Klitschko reign and cause a massive upset that will be felt around the world. Everyone else who has fought the Klitschko brothers has been scared. This is one cat that isn’t scared of him – or anyone – and I’ll throw him off of that throne he’s been sitting on for the last few years.”

I wrote yesterday I had a feeling about this one, that just maybe EPIX was a lucky ducky, because just maybe Chisora would uncork a hellacious hail mary and drop and stop Vitali. Not sure if that’ll happen, but this fight just got ten times more interesting, and about 100,000 more eyeballs will be watching around the world Saturday.

Chisora Slaps Vitali at Weigh-In / Check out more boxing news on video at The Boxing Channel.