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mayweather vs cotto posterWhat to expect:

Miguel Cotto’s dynamic offensive arsenal could pose a real threat to Floyd Mayweather. However, Floyd’s defense and pin-point punching accuracy will be enough to keep his undefeated record intact. While Cotto undoubtedly has the full array of offensive skills to give Floyd fits, he simply has lost the speed and tenacity to take the fight to Floyd. At this point in Floyd’s career, that is the only way to beat him. Nobody has ever really taken him out of his comfort zone (which inside a boxing ring may be non-existent) including Zab Judah who tried to utilize flagrantly illegal blows to force Floyd’s hand. If Floyd is able to dictate the pace of a fight, he cannot be beaten. He’s simply too good at what he does. Even if you see Cotto pressuring Floyd early, expect for it to backfire like it did for Ricky Hatton. Effective aggression is not the same as pushing forwards. Floyd will often subtly bait aggressive fighters into lunging in, only to use their momentum to create punching angles and lanes that only Floyd can find.

Where the fight takes place:

Most of this fight, which will run on HBO PPV,  will take place in the center of the ring. Cotto will be willing to stay in the pocket and trade one of his punches for two of Floyd’s. However, Cotto won’t be able to land with regularity as he’s accustomed to doing. Occasionally, we’ll see Floyd’s back up against the ropes, him rolling punches with his lead shoulder and evading most of the damage. However, this will ultimately lead to Floyd escaping, choosing his punches wisely, and landing his classic right hand repeatedly. In the middle of the ring, Floyd will effectively feint in and out, landing double jabs until Cotto commits to engage. From there, Floyd’s instinctive counter-punching skills will take over.

How the fight ends:

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will finish Miguel Cotto up against the ropes in Round 11. Cotto will tire and wear down from Floyd right hands until a Mayweather flurry backs him up. From there, Floyd will land combinations until the ref steps in.  

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