Prediction: Mayweather TKO11 Over Cotto


mayweather vs cotto posterWhat to expect:

Miguel Cotto’s dynamic offensive arsenal could pose a real threat to Floyd Mayweather. However, Floyd’s defense and pin-point punching accuracy will be enough to keep his undefeated record intact. While Cotto undoubtedly has the full array of offensive skills to give Floyd fits, he simply has lost the speed and tenacity to take the fight to Floyd. At this point in Floyd’s career, that is the only way to beat him. Nobody has ever really taken him out of his comfort zone (which inside a boxing ring may be non-existent) including Zab Judah who tried to utilize flagrantly illegal blows to force Floyd’s hand. If Floyd is able to dictate the pace of a fight, he cannot be beaten. He’s simply too good at what he does. Even if you see Cotto pressuring Floyd early, expect for it to backfire like it did for Ricky Hatton. Effective aggression is not the same as pushing forwards. Floyd will often subtly bait aggressive fighters into lunging in, only to use their momentum to create punching angles and lanes that only Floyd can find.

Where the fight takes place:

Most of this fight, which will run on HBO PPV,  will take place in the center of the ring. Cotto will be willing to stay in the pocket and trade one of his punches for two of Floyd’s. However, Cotto won’t be able to land with regularity as he’s accustomed to doing. Occasionally, we’ll see Floyd’s back up against the ropes, him rolling punches with his lead shoulder and evading most of the damage. However, this will ultimately lead to Floyd escaping, choosing his punches wisely, and landing his classic right hand repeatedly. In the middle of the ring, Floyd will effectively feint in and out, landing double jabs until Cotto commits to engage. From there, Floyd’s instinctive counter-punching skills will take over.

How the fight ends:

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will finish Miguel Cotto up against the ropes in Round 11. Cotto will tire and wear down from Floyd right hands until a Mayweather flurry backs him up. From there, Floyd will land combinations until the ref steps in.  

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-Radam G :

I'm not with Money May KOing Miguel Cotto. Maybe Money May will win a very boring decision. But if there is a knockout, I suspect it would be Cotto knocking out Money May with a left hook to the head as Money May does his trick-of-the-trade back turning. Cuban Doc Diaz is going to have MC dipping, turning and burning. "Mayweather shoulder rolling" will not be effective for Money May IMHO, because Doc D will have MC side-dooring. It won't be an ounce of MC going and coming outta da front door. And Money May's elbow will be hitting air. Money May will have his Philly-shell syet Puerto Rican-and-Cuban neuralized. He is going to have a difficult time finding and touching MC, especially early. And Money May's talking heads' mumbo jumbo about MM's new style of walking down opponents is just the latest media manipulation super bullsh*tology to fill white space of jive talking Hollywoodization bull of brainwashing fans into believing that Money May is doing a lot. Against Vicious Victor O, Money May was missing punches like a windmilling bytch. When he miss against MC, MC will make him pay. And that is only if MC's is mentally and psychological together. Holla!

-Radam G :

Don't forget that the last corner that officially beat Money May, Cuban Doc Diaz was in it. Holla!

-apprentice :

I have a very hard time believing Mayweather will KO Cotto. I do believe Mayweather will win, but Cotto is not Hatton. Cotto is a much better boxer and now has a great corner. I predict a Mayweather UD-12.

-Larry Merchant :

You don't know sh*t about boxing!

-Radam G :

A fake [or not defiinitely not the famed] Larry Merchant is up in da houzzeeee! I'm willing to bet HEAVY that the real Larry M hasn't been more to the point since he were born over two scores ago and spitted his first set of words without verbs. Besides, the real Larry M respects opinions. He just doesn't always agree. And when he is proven wrong, he mans up and suck it. I'm reminded of how if he were younger, he'd kick Money May's a$$ in live time. In the end, Larry M said: "I don't think I would kicked his a$$ if I were younger." Holla!

-maromero :

Cotto looked like the good version of himself with his new trainer so I expect him to give Floyd a decent challenge. I dont believe he can win but he could make it a long night for Floyd if he fights to his maximum potential. Just thinking that gets me ready to watch this fight but we have a while to go before Cinco de Mayo.

-Blakehoc :

Cotto of 2007 takes the fight to Floyd and beats him down. This version of Miguel Cotto will slowly be dissected by Floyd. Granted he has Joe Schmo in his corner against Manny, expect the same type of fight.

-comanick :

People kill me with the "this version of cotto" stuff. So Cotto was a killer in 2007? News flash: In 2007 cotto was slow and chinny and in 2012 he is........slow and chinny. Do people really think its a big difference. I think the only real difference is his mental shape. But with that said Money can stop him because cotto's defensive reflexes are just too slow. Margarito is slow as a snail and he landed alot of punches on cotto. To me that doesnt bode well for miguel. I dont see a solid KO but i can see the ref or corner stopping it.

-Blakehoc :

"THAT" 2007 version of Cotto was a killer. He was certainly vulnerable, but only because he was so ruthlessly aggressive. He could stop any opponent on a body shot at any time. Certainly, he's regressed mentally as a fighter, but he also tactically seems to have lost his aggression and patented body work.

-the Roast :

TKO11 sounds about right. Margarito hit Cotto alot toward the end of the rematch. Cotto's face was marked. This was after nine rounds. Margarito is super slow. Floyd is going to rat-a-tat-tat Cotto's face into a bloody swollen mess.


It's understandable. Floyd Mayweather is at the top of his game and Cotto has been hit in one fight more than Floyd has in all his career. It's a fair prediction I can accept, though I'm pulling for my Rican dude. Still I think it's pretty interesting how Cotto will execute his game plan considering the corner he will have and the approach he'll take on Floyd. This may be Cotto's last chance to stay in the big leagues in boxing. I will give my prediction when the time comes, but I'm very excited about this fight. Let's see what happens. Checkezzz!!!

-comanick :

"THAT" 2007 version of Cotto was a killer. He was certainly vulnerable, but only because he was so ruthlessly aggressive. He could stop any opponent on a body shot at any time. Certainly, he's regressed mentally as a fighter, but he also tactically seems to have lost his aggression and patented body work.
Really? So what win showed you cotto was a killer. Was it the zab fight or the mosley fight because to date those are the biggest wins of his career. So beating those too make you a killer huh? so whats floyd then? I just dont get it. What has cotto ever done to make people think he was ever close to great. Im sorry but when you lose to a guy as slow and as technically limited as margarito when your considered a good fighter then that fighter needs to be re-evaluated. Because an "A" fighter should never lose to him. never.

-brownsugar :

cotto is, ....and will forever be a great,.. no expanded exposition of words is even needed,... a win by Floyd ain't gonna be easy at 154lbs

-undisputed34 :

well let me be the first to agree wholeheartedly with this article. i will commit to sure you guys will let me have it if it doesnt turn out this way, but i expect my kudos if it does..

-ultimoshogun :

I don't believe Floyd will stop him...i'll go with a UD victory for Floyd.