Malignaggi Beats Guerrero, Via TKO, In War of Words

Malignaggi Beats Guerrero, Via TKO, In War of Words – Paulie Malignaggi threw a shot at Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero on Friday afternooon, with this open letter. Then the Ghost countered with a stiff shot back at Malignaggi, in a release found underneath Paulie’s letter.

An Open Letter To Robert ?“The Disappearing Ghost” Guerrero ?from Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi

Dear Robert:??For the past 3 months, you and your team have attempted to trick the media and boxing public into believing that you were on a short list to fight the best fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather. You also called out every Golden Boy Promotions boxer you could between 135 to 147 pounds, proclaiming your health after shoulder surgery and your readiness to step into the ring in a big fight on May 5th. Every time you had a big bowel movement, your publicist sent an email blast about it.??

Two days ago, you and I were offered to fight each other on May 5th as an important supporting pay-per-view bout on the Mayweather vs. Cotto blockbuster PPV. I am sure you will agree that Mayweather vs. Cotto will be the biggest pay-per-view show of the year and on the biggest platform imaginable at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and on HBO PPV. Millions of boxing fans will have the opportunity to finally see if you can back up your recent widespread chatter on the internet. ??Robert, I accepted the challenge to fight you within 2 hours of being offered the fight. But I have been informed by our promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, that you have categorically refused to fight me. This news was absolutely shocking to me because I have seen you transform yourself from a cute, soft spoken, California kid to well, someone like me. I give you props for trying to wake up the old boxing farts with sound bites like telling Mayweather to “Step Up Punk” or telling Victor Ortiz 3 days ago that “if you’re really a true warrior, you’ll step in the ring with me.”

But take it from an older and wiser Magic Man that has never needed to hide behind a publicist and has always backed up his words by stepping into the ring with the best fighters in the world, if you start talking the way you have been talking, you better be ready to accept whatever challenges come your way. ??Robert, I know that you and your team have been present in the Arena for my past three fights and you have seen how good I have looked in dismantling my opponents. And maybe your advisors think that all the garlic in Gilroy won’t protect you should we fight on May 5th. But you need to find the Mexican warrior within yourself and back up your hot air by stepping into the ring on the day of pride and heritage for your people, Cinco De Mayo. Because if you think you deserve to fight the elite boxers in this world, you need to earn it with more than just a trigger happy publicist. You are a paper Champion that has never fought anyone in the Top 100 of boxing.

Beating a geriatric Joel Casamayor or the Australian punching bag that is Michael Katsidis does not earn you the right to call out Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan, and Victor Ortiz. Beating me on May 5th might get you one step closer to that honor. ??So come on, Robert. Don’t become a big joke with the boxing world. Listen to your own words and step up punk. If you’re really a true warrior, and not just some internet loud mouth, you’ll step in the ring with me on May 5th. What are you afraid of? Coming off shoulder surgery? I have had more surgery on my hands than an aging Beverly Hills housewife. Are you for real or are you truly just a ghost with a good publicist?

??Always,??The Magic Man

February 10, 2012Robert Guerrero states, “Look at the facts Paulie, why did I turn you down? You’re a tremendous puncher? NO! You make for fan friendly fights? NO!  You are a HBO or Showtime approved fighter? NO! Fact is, Eric Gomez at Golden Boy said you wouldn’t be approved to fight on a date that isn’t a Pay Per View.  So if our promoter can convince a network that you are worthy enough to be on your own date, then let’s rumble. I got a Shark Tank waiting.”

Malignaggi Beats Guerrero, Via TKO, In War of Words / Check out more boxing news on video at The Boxing Channel.


-undisputed34 :

lol that was FUN...EEE. he better hope katsidis doesnt read this or he'll take a beating reminiscent of the one cotto gave him once upon a time..

-ali :

I would love for Paulie to whoop the hoax *** tired of hearing him run his damn mouth.

-OGboxer :

Bobby Guerrero is an inflated joke. At least Paulie doesn't duck. The first real challenge, Guerrero is gonna get laid out like a rug. I'm not even bothering to follow his 15 second career.

-Bobbydigital44 :

As entertaining as this is, it also constitutes what is wrong with boxing. TO MUCH TALK and NOT NEARLY ENOUGH WALK. Just like Money May and Pacman.... It's getting old. At some point pride must return and replace the all might dollar. Bobby, if someone calls you out like this it should go down wherever you can find them, supermarket, barbershop, or even FNF. Let's Get It On!

-Radam G :

It is OLD, B44. But smack talk has always been a large, large part of the game. It brings the recognizing of a sucka's name. And if he can back up his smack talk, it brings him FAME! Or just a tiny bit of it if da sucka turns out to be lame. And the most important part, NEW FLASH! It brings those fanfaronades, fight fans, groupies and supporters running with cash. A light-punching pugilist like Paulie M has learned how to holla to keep making a dolla. Ain't hatin' him, because it is all about spittin' your poision to make dat BIG PAY. And you do it -- like the late, great singer Frank S said -- your "...WAY!" Holla!

-DaveB :

The thing is if boxers were willing to back up what they saying, wolfing can be great for the build up of the fight and will get people excited in anticipation. But nowadays boxers just talk and talk and talk and they don't put up. They only want to fight certain fighters by calling them out and not earning their shots anymore. Paulie is right, they should get it on. Some boxers talk a good game and I believe they never had any intentions of fighting those opponents, which is another issue. Such is the state of boxing today more than ever. They need to spend less time running their faces and more time punching people in the face.

-Radam G :

Nothing has change, DaveB! This is just how the business of the game flows. The money-making business is more important than being reckless tough in that squared jungle. The days of a good, good, and great fighters boxing, and at the same time working a job to make ends meet are long gone. [The only job nowadays that they have is boxing. And da muthahungrysuckas will talk about your momma, grandmomma, auntie, five of yo' girl cousins, all of yo' sisters and will call yo' brother and daddy gay to get yo' arse in that ring to make a decent PAY!] It is super rare for a legit, toughee to last long and made BIG MONEY. And it is all ABOUT DA MOOLA! No moola, a pugilist with a brain will not jump through loops or in loops and gettin' on his hoola hoola. I think that a lot of fans are missing the long-gone days of super tons of club fighters and the rivals that the clubbies had. [Now these brainless cats were willing to die in da squared jungle and many did just that. Then their next of kin had to beg for money to bury them. Most of the darn promoters didn't give a darn and were not going to help. I'm not going to go into a story about that jive, but a fairly well-known promoter was killed in the 1990s for his greed, rudeness and than lack of compassion for a greiving family.] The much, much important part of da game now is to bring yo' a$$ da BIG BUCKS and LIVE to spend dat dough. And to do that, you need to be or to put yourself in the place of the money-making muck-a-mucks. If smack talk is the way that you do it, you just do it! Holla!

-DaveB :

@Radam Don't you think eventually that type of thinking is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg? I understand what you are saying about the most reward for the lowest risk, that makes sense. But boxing by its very nature doesn't make sense. Who goes to a job knowing that there is a good probability (which is bad in this sense) that you can get concussed, knocked down, cut up, get your brain scrambled or worse in front of the whole world even if it is for a good payday? Most people aren't willing to do that. What the fighters need are people who are looking out for the welfare of the fighters while they are actively fighting because most do not know how to invest or be a good stewards for their money. Instead they trust and are preyed upon by the very people who profit most by their actions. They need people they can trust and who will not pillage them. That is where the emphasis should be placed. I know these men would appreciate some help so they don't end up destitute. Who wants to end up broke after you have put your life on the line? You know that better than I, you having fought professionally. That would be something that would be good to see and that would make me very happy if I were to live long enough to see that come to fruition instead of all the pitiful stories I read of how these guys are down and out and struggling to survive. However if boxing continues to not put out their best product will the general public care anymore? Especially when they can get it from MMA. Maybe boxing will live forever but it really should make some very healthy changes if only for its own prosperity and longevity. And yes, for the guys that give and take the actual blows.

-Radam G :

Utopia is a wonderful place. But it will never be in boxing. As my late, great god uncle, super-great musicman Tiny Tim, told me, the game is like a banana -- crooked by nature. And "(fans) will always go apesh*t about it." And let me add, that the powers that be are going to forever monkey around with the control of fights and fighters. If you straighten out a banana, nobody is going to eat that jive. Though most people will not admit to it, they like crookedly majestic jive and are use to it. You straighten out boxing, and the game will die like the rain forest of North Africa has. [Nobody is going to watch straighten-out, fair, honest, seedy syet.] Man, North Africa used to be forests, jungles, lakes, rivers, brooks and all type of wetty syet. But some messing-with-nature muthasuckas wanted safety and fairness for everybodee and everything and all da mommas of everybodee and everything. So what do you have there now? Just a lot of oil wells and desert nomads, Arabs and dey camels causing turmoil about who is in charge of the black-gold oil, because it is all about money. Even Don Trump is talkin' jive about go over there and taking syet. At one time, the U.S. Senate tried to take over boksing and honest it up. But powerful money people scared it arse away by threating to vote for the other guys and pull the bucks outta the party going against the crooked-arse rulership of da game. Just let boksing be. People can learn a lot from the crookedness that they see. Life is a bytch, than you die. Dat is da way it goes. In the end, we all lose to the BIG D. In other words, something always has to be lost. And in the end, we all are losers. Win what and when you can. Holla!

-the Roast :

As James Brown would say, please, please, please, no more Paulie. Not on my TV.

-Radam G :

Hehehehehehehe! The Roast, that was just plain-ole COLD-hearted! You are getting a laugh at the cost of Paulie. Dude is just tryin' to stay in da loop to make dat loot. And off, you are trying to make him scoop. Dat ain't [A BIG-A$$ GRIN] right! But funny as 10 muthacomedians. Hehehehehe! Holla!