Darchinyan Fiery Before April 6th Scrap

GaryShawProductionsHere is a Q n A with Vic Darchinyan, who challenges Shinsuke Yamanaka on April 6, in Japan.

JM: Vic, you are challenging Shinsuke Yamanaka for the WBC bantamweight championship on on April 6th in Tokyo, Japan. What's your game plan heading into this fight?

Vic Darchinyan: “My game plan is to knock him out and win. What else would everyone like to hear me say? I’m going to go out and fight a good fight. Give my fans in Japan a great action fight and win the world title. I have many fans from Japan that respect how I fight. I good go out and box for points and win fights by running but I respect that my fans spend good money to see me fight and the reason why I am known around the world is because I come to knock my opponent out.”

JM: What do you think of Yamanaka as a fighter?

Vic Darchinyan: “I have watched two of his fights and you can see that Yamanaka is a warrior. He doesn't take a backward step, he’s always there trying to knock out his opposition. His last opponent was very tough and had a lot of wins behind him but Yamanaka wasn’t intimidated he just kept coming and coming and got the KO. This is what boxing is all about. I love watching Japanese fighters fight; they like to bring everything to the ring. It’s been my dream to fight in Japan all my career, I’m very grateful to the WBC, Mr. Honda, Gary Shaw and my manager Elias Nassar for making a dream come true.”

JM: Are there any weaknesses that you see in Yamanaka that you wish to expose?

Vic Darchinyan: “The biggest weakness Yamanaka has is he has never fought Vic Darchinyan. I am going to take him places he has never seen before. I will throw punches that won’t stop coming and won’t stop hitting his head or body. That’s his weakness. I’m going to test his chin and his body, the same way he is going to test mine. He is very quick and has a good jab and he has a knockout punch. I have to go out and fight smart and stick to the game plan. In my last fight I knew I had to go to the body but when I get into the ring I just want to destroy my opponent. If I don’t stick to the plan of breaking him down I risk losing the fight, but if one punch lands on the mark I promise another hundred will follow.”

JM: What would a win mean in this point in your career?

Vic Darchinyan: “I have my chance to win my 9th world title.* It means everything to me, to my family, to my team. I still can’t believe I will be fighting in Japan for the WBC belt. My dream my entire career was winning the WBC belt. I won it against Mijares in 2008 and I would love to win at 118 especially in Japan. A lot people have doubted my power at 118. Everyone that watched the fight against Abner Mares saw what happened, Mares is the Undisputed Champion of the low blow. I make mistakes like everyone. Nobody is perfect. But the one thing everyone knows is I have never said no to fight. I will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. I have never knocked back a fight.”

*Editor's note: Darchinyan is counting belts, not championships: he won the IBF 112-pound championship in 2004, the IBF 115-pound championship in 2008, then added the WBA super championship and WBC championship by defeating Cristian Mijares in a 2008 unification bout. He has also won IBO championships at 112, 115 and twice at 118 pounds, but some of these titles were earned in bouts with multiple belts at stake.

JM: What can the fans expect from you on April 6th?

Vic Darchinyan: “They can expect to see a monster in the ring. I am coming to fight for my Japanese fans. I am coming to knock Yamanaka out. What else can I say? I want to be World Champion for the rest of my life.”

JM: Have you ever contemplated a Nonito Donaire rematch?

Vic Darchinyan: “I will always want to fight him but Nonito Donaire doesn’t fight anyone that is going to throw a punch back. All the bullshit with the Donaire rematch fight, I signed the contract one day after I was told about the fight, he waited for three months to sign and he only wanted to sign it after my team said we are not waiting anymore because I need to fight. Look at who I have fought and look at who he has fought. I fight for titles and test myself against the best, Donaire fights for Bantamweight titles against junior flyweights. He is managed very well because he keeps on fighting bums. I wanted to fight Montiel for years, he was offered the fight ten times always had an excuse, Montiel jumped in the ring after I bashed Arce, he was offered a fight and he was chicken. Now Donaire wants to fight Arce. I bashed Arce from start to finish; Arce has got nothing now the same as before. I watched Arce’s fight against Angkota, Arce is ready for the rubbish and Donaire wants to fight him and they want to call it a super fight they should call it Super Rubbish because the fans are too smart they know when a fighter is fighting bums. And Donaire and Arce are fighting bums. I will fight anyone, that’s why I am fighting in Japan. I am fighting a tough, undefeated champion in his country against thousands of fans against me, who else does that, only true warriors will fight anyone.”

JM: Who are some other fighters that you would be interested getting in the ring with?

Vic Darchinyan: “Anyone who wants to fight me. I would love to rematch Abner Mares or Moreno at Bantamweight and I would also like to fight Nishikoa or Rigondeaux at Super Bantamweight. I would fight anyone who has a belt that’s the best way to answer the question.”

JM: Closing thoughts for the fans?
Vic Darchinyan: “Thank you for all your support I truly appreciate it. Get ready for April 6th in Japan because there is going to be a knockout.”

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