When Angelo Dundee Reunited with Goody Petronelli

mail.google.comThe last time I saw Goody Petronelli in person was March 2010 at Foxwoods. I knew him pretty well from all the years I've spent sparring with his fighters at his gym in Brockton. (I first boxed there with Cedric Parsons in 1986 and I last boxed there in 2010 with Demetrius Andrade).
I was in the dressing room at the casino and realizing Angelo Dundee was also in the building that night and I went and got him and said, “I have an old friend of yours in the dressing room who will definitely want to see you”…and they met up again, more than 24 years after Hagler-Leonard. And they greeted each other and talked it up like long lost friends. I asked them to take a photo together and this is how they posed.
I'm very glad I was there to see it (and listen to them as they talked about the old days, about fighters, family, etc) and capture the moment. Even more amazing now in light of the fact that they both have passed on within just a few days of each other this week.

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-Radam G :

Nice short, sweet COPY about two great ones! Holla!