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TSS LOGO!Floyd Mayweather told Boxing Scene today that Manny Pacquiao ducked a superfight, and Pacman advisor Michael Koncz takes issue with that charcterization.

Koncz told TSS that Pacquiao initiated talks with Mayweather; conceded on revenue issues; offered flexibility on the date of the fight; and acquiesced to Floyd's demands on drug testing.

More specifically, Koncz said Floyd did indeed offer a guarantee to Pacquiao of $40 million. Pacman, after he sought a 50-50 split,  countered that, with an offer of a split of revenue. That offer would potentially give Floyd $10-20 million more than Manny, because Pacquiao said that the winner of the bout would get the lion's share, 55% of the revenue from the pay-per-view sales, and the loser would get 45%.

“If Mayweather is the best, as he says, then he would be getting between $10 and $20 million more than Manny,” the advisor said. “Does that seem like we're ducking the fight? I don't think so.”

Manny also got Bob Arum to guarantee Mayweather a lump sum of $50 million, apart from the overage from the PPV sales. The advisor told me Manny was also guaranteed a $50 million flat fee, but that he indicated to Mayweather that Floyd could get an extra $10 million out of the PPV sales.

Koncz also said that Pacman gave in to Floyd on the testing matter, that Manny said he would agree to testing any time, any place. He only asked that there be no testing on the day of the fight.

To all those concessions, Koncz said, Mayweather didn't budge an inch. He said that Mayweather stuck to the offer he stated to Pacman on the phone two weeks ago, a guarantee of $40 million.

“There's been no give-and-take from Mayweather,” Koncz continued. “So who's ducking the fight?”

Readers, what's your take? You guys know that I have written repeatedly that both men need to show a willingness to compromise. Sounds to me like Manny is in that mode more than Floyd. What's your read?

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