Pacquiao-Tim Bradley “Not Confirmed Yet”…WOODS

toprankIt's looking like Manny Pacquiao will give young gun Tim Bradley a crack at it on June 9. But Pacman advisor Michael Koncz told me that foe and date is “not confirmed yet.”

A screamingly unscientific poll tells me lots of fight fans seem more intrigued by this scrap than Mayweather-Cotto, since they think Bradley has a better shot at beating Manny than Cotto has beating Floyd.

The 28-year-old cali fighter Bradley is 28-0, but has just 12 KOs. He is a busy fighter, but slightly one dimensional. One imagines the Pacman (54-3-2; age 33) can get angles on him, confound him with the southpaw stance, and hand him his first loss. But maybe Manny has slipped, and Bradley will be the one to show the world. Tell us what you think.

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-Radam G :

Oh, YUP! Da Manny will definitely give the young dome blaster a crack upside dat noggin, and a few up in da torso. The Dessert -- I mean Desert -- Storm is going to taste REALITY and HARD, HARD ACTUALITY of a real fighter. Okay! Da Manny has SLIPPED. Who doesn't SLIP. The longer you live, the more you lose all types of bodily jive. But Da Manny has lost more than Tim Bradley will ever gain, IMHO! Expect for Da Manny to knock him da double fudge OUT in the early to mid rounds. Holla!

-ali :

Easy fight for Manny Bradley throws wide *** punches and hits like a feather a absolute mismatch it won't go no more then 4 rounds..