Floyd Mayweather To Donate $50,000 To Habitat for Humanity


Floyd-Mayweather-Jr-Suit1 Floyd Mayweather will on Tuesday present a check for $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas in support of its Blitz Build project that starts on June 4. Mayweather will be the Lead Sponsor for the build and has pledged a total of $100,000 to the organization for the project.

Blitz Build 2012 is a program that brings the community and volunteers together to build a home for a deserving family in just five days. The house will be located in Vegas Heights and is being constructed for a family of five. The new homeowners will be Tanya and Trent Torrence.

“We truly appreciate Floyd's support in helping us to reach our mission of providing simple, decent, affordable homes for working families through Las Vegas,” “said Delor. “Habitat for Humanity's continuing efforts in neighborhoods such as Vegas Heights helps ensure that these communities will stabilize for everyone living there and bring new working families into the community”

“I am happy to support Habitat for Humanity, a special organization that has done excellent work in Las Vegas to provide housing for needy families in the area,” said Mayweather. “My boxing career has afforded me the opportunity to make charitable contribution to worthy causes and I believe the Blitz Build project is one of those causes.    

About Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas

Established in Clark County in 1991, Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas is a not-for-profit organization that builds simple, decent, affordable housing with the help of volunteer labor and donated time, materials and funds.  Each home is sold at no profit and with a no-interest mortgage to local working families who otherwise might be forced to live in substandard housing.  These families contribute “sweat equity” by helping in the construction of their own homes. For more information, visit www.habitatlasvegas.org.

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-brownsugar :

I consider Mayweather an ATG even if he never fights again, Pac gets more credit for beating Floyds leftovers than Floyd gets for beating the same opposition years earlier without weight stipulations and before they were considered "shot". However instead of giving this Organization $50,000... it. would be a far more impressive act of generosity to give Pac 50% of the purse to make this fight happen. At this point I wouldn't care if Floyd gave away enough turkeys to circumnavigate the Earth. It's all for naught if he doesn't get the popular pugilist into the ring and deliver the red,white, and blue beating he's been promising for far too long now.

-Radam G :

Wow, B-Sug, I will give you a pass on being such a Money May ___ _____! Money May, himself fought a lot of leftovers. He could barely beat Big Money Oscar, who was nothing more than a Sugar Shane Mosley and B-Hop leftover. He won the welterweight title from Duper Zab Judah, who was nothing but a Carlos Baldomir leftover. Name calling is grand and a mass optical illusion, but the shoe can fit any fighter. Bottomline is that Money May is punked out about fighting Da Manny. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Hey RG,...that post was for you. And you never disappoint. There's not much to say about the Money/Pac fight so I'll catch you on the next one. And don't forget to protect yourself at all times.

-Firestorm :

Wasn't Floyd supposed to do 40 hours of service at the Las Vegas Habitat for Humanity? As of December 31, he has not appeared. Is this another trade-off like the 100K donation for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Good publicity stunts by the Floyd damage control machine! These organizations deserved more than these menial amounts since their names are being used to give Floyd's stinking name a new smell.

-Radam G :

Okay, B-Sug! This one is for you. Money May looks to be aiming to battle with Vicious Victor Ortiz's leftover in the name of Andre Berto. Berto is bytch faking an injury, so that the Victor One will not tap dat a$$ again. Money May is amazing. He fights Carlos Baldomir leftover -- Zab Judah -- back in da day. Now da muthasuckas is aiming to get it on with Vicious Vic's leftoever. Money May is simply GREAT at optical illusions and being a pied Piper. Holla!