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HopkinsDawson Hogan17There are those that think Father Time has finally snagged him, that at 47, Bernard Hopkins just isn't suited to box anymore. He couldn't continue in his last bout, telling the ref in round two that his left arm was useless, so Chad Dawson had his hand raised in Las Angeles on Oct. 15, after the two men tackled each other and Hopkins was dumped on his butt and shoulder.

That call was reversed, and labeled a no contest, but questions linger. Is Hopkins (52-5-2 with 32 KOs) at the end of the line? Dawson (age 29; 30-1 with 17 KOs) got out to a hot start in October, would he have finished off the old man if the fight, a defense of Hopkins' WBC light heavyweight title, went the distance? Or would Hopkins have done what he is prone to do, surprise us, turn the tide, impose his massive will on his foe?

The questions remain, so a rematch has been booked. Hopkins will fight a rematch with Dawson, on April 28 in Atlantic City, the middle-aged boxer Tweeted this evening.

“Dont yall understand that I destroy fighters I destroy their souls I destroy their minds and I destroy their careers,” he wrote.

Readers, weigh in. HBO will show the sequel. Will this be Hopkins' last stand? Or will he train with more intensity than ever, to prove to the world that his shoulder really was damaged, and that Father Time doesn't have his hooks into the Philly freak of nature just yet?

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