Hopkins-Dawson II Set For April 28

Hopkins-Dawson II Set For April 28 – There are those that think Father Time has finally snagged him, that at 47, Bernard Hopkins just isn’t suited to box anymore. He couldn’t continue in his last bout, telling the ref in round two that his left arm was useless, so Chad Dawson had his hand raised in Las Angeles on Oct. 15, after the two men tackled each other and Hopkins was dumped on his butt and shoulder.

That call was reversed, and labeled a no contest, but questions linger. Is Hopkins (52-5-2 with 32 KOs) at the end of the line? Dawson (age 29; 30-1 with 17 KOs) got out to a hot start in October, would he have finished off the old man if the fight, a defense of Hopkins’ WBC light heavyweight title, went the distance? Or would Hopkins have done what he is prone to do, surprise us, turn the tide, impose his massive will on his foe?

The questions remain, so a rematch has been booked. Hopkins will fight a rematch with Dawson, on April 28 in Atlantic City, the middle-aged boxer Tweeted this evening.

“Dont yall understand that I destroy fighters I destroy their souls I destroy their minds and I destroy their careers,” he wrote.

Readers, weigh in. HBO will show the sequel. Will this be Hopkins’ last stand? Or will he train with more intensity than ever, to prove to the world that his shoulder really was damaged, and that Father Time doesn’t have his hooks into the Philly freak of nature just yet?

Hopkins-Dawson II Set For April 28 / Check out more boxing news on video at The Boxing Channel.


-amayseng :

im not so sure chad was off to such a hot start as he only landed 4 punches in the two rounds fought and he had much difficulty tracking down the 46 year old hopkins..not a good sign for a 29 year old. what was most telling was how frustrated chad became to dump hopkins with the take down, he actually attempted this same take down against pascal, later in that fight, double leg, reaching back behind both legs and attempting to lift, unsuccessfully though. chad also displayed his frustration from only 2 rounds with hopkins in freaking out and going off at the announcer and hopkins in the post fight interview and activity.. he has no composure. hopkins is old, and God bless him for trying, of course he is going to move and dip and fight in spots, of course he is going to get guys frustrated and out of position and try to control the fight. i respect him for his dedication and for beating a young stud like pascal, twice really, dominating the second fight and really knocking him down twice. as far as chad , i was a fan , but he seems to just go through motions in the ring, no adjustments, no passion, no fire. such a talented fighter with it seems no fire. who wins this rematch? who knows, depends if bernard gets old in front of us

-DaveB :

I really hope this is a joke. I need a laugh.

-the Roast :

As long as it's not PPV, I will watch this. Not much happened up to the injury. A million fighters have lost the first round and went on to win. Lets just do it again and see a fight develop.

-ali :

Chad is going to beat b-hop ***..REAL RALK

-Radam G :

B-Hop may da double fudge holy kick Super Bad Chad's cheating arse! The executioner may just get on his chop chop. You know B-Hop! He's gets on a roll, and his elderly game, the crybaby cheating lad would be able to stop. Hehehehe! Holla!

-MisterLee :

I say Bhop wins a close decision... the fight was looking to be exciting from a hardcore perspective... high level skill... I say Bhop has 2 more, if not 3 more fights after this one... Bhop buma ye!!!

-alm11 :

Bad Chad all day, thank god this fight is at the Historic Boardwalk Hall not in Cali???? Should be a nice crowd

-Real Talk :

@ Dave B this isn't a joke so don't you dare laugh like Slick Rick said. I touched down in Winsconsin on my way to St. Paul/ Minneapolis and saw this in the paper. I couldn't believe it. Just when I thought B-Hop was going out like a chump, wiggled his way out the fight and wouldn't dare get back in the ring with Bad Chad he does this. I believe B-Hop has more than enough tools in the toolbelt to give Chad fits but never really pulled them out. The first fight was like having an arsenal and not even taking your weapon off safety for B-Hop, and Chad was nuetralized by the generalship, the movement, the dance. When you think about it who has Chad been in the ring with that has anywhere near that kind of foot work? Just when I thought Hopkins killed me as a fan and had Uncle Johnny (June) Ruffin rolling over in his grave.....Hopkins say he aint going out like that huh? I saw something in his eye when he was at the Ward vs. Froch fight when Ward beat the breaks off the bigger man Froch with a couple moves he no doubt gleaned from the Ole' Master. I saw the foot stomp feint for one. Chad might be in trouble, Hopkins aint doing this for the $$$ as the motive. He could've went a couple different routes. I feel'em. When they put us in that hole what will they say about you? Howwill you be remembered and mentioned to your kids? I'm saying to my self I don't Unc, this kid can box and he's younger and bigger. I see Unc smiling with the squint saying "what I tell you" Hopkins gon get'em, he gon give'em them angles watch. That boy aint ready for that $h!t, don't bet your money on that boy Vel!!! I'm telling you!!! >=-) Dueces p.s. We gon see Unc >=-)

-Real Talk :

What it do Misterlee, long time no see. Where is Donputo69??? I hope he's still with us and still has his freedom. Be easy TSSU. @ amayseng good points. @ the Roast it's on HBO. Dueces