Sullivan Barrera Gets UD Over Damar Singleton

Sullivan Barrera Gets UD Over Damar Singleton – Sullivan Barrera, a Cuban with 300 amateur fights under his belt, took on fellow light heavyweight Damar Singleton of Ohio in the second televised fight of NBC’s “Fight Night” on Saturday evening. The Florida resident Barrera and Singleton both brought an 8-0 record to the ring at the Asylum Arena in Philly.

Barrera threw some bombs in the second, ripping some nice left hooks and right crosses. He looked to be first and Singleton wasn’t having much success timing his counters. Barrera touted himself as an atypical Cuban, telling the calling crew that he was all about aggression. But he fought in a measured fashion, without as much killer instinct as one might’ve supposed, as the rounds piled up.

The crowd was either silent or booing when the bout ended, before the cards were read. Barrera is fine but didn’t make anyone hunger to see him again. Because you really can’t even point to an upside in a guy that has fought over 300 times. He is what he is, solid but not scintillating. The judges gave Barrera the thumbs up, by scores of 59-55, 60-54, 60-54.

Barrera chatted with Chris Mannix post-bout. Asked to assess his showing, he said, through an interpreter, “I feel good, it’s a victory on our record. We wanted a knockout but it didn’t happen tonight, we’ll move on and do a better job next time.” He said that he will fight anyone, including people in the top ten. Freddie Roach, in analyst mode, said that Barrera isn’t ready for that move. We agree.

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